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 nothing is the same, devan
 Posted: Jul 30 2015, 06:50 PM


hogwarts alumni

user posted image
Dominic couldn't breathe. He couldn't because the girl he'd given everything to be left with nothing to remind him of her, no notice of where she was going, or any logical reasoning behind why she was abandoning him. He supposed he shouldn't be too over the top with how grim he was; he was accustomed to being abandoned and being alone, and being left with nothing was far from unusual in Dominic's life. However, he had fallen love with the one girl that inevitably left him high and dry for something else. Dominic was in a downward spiral resulting from her sudden absence. He could no longer sense her and her scent cut off after it met the ocean. Not being able to find her, but through word of mouth people were able to tell him that she didn't want to be found. Didn't want to be found? One moment she was on top of him, promising him she'd be his girlfriend and try her best at it, and then next moment she was out of his life and expected him just to be fine with it. Fine with her leaving? That was an unacceptable thought for anyone to have, especially someone who knew him so well like Zara. She left with her adoptive brother which made everything extremely difficult for Dominic to process.

He'd tried so badly to find her. He remained awake some nights until the dawn peered through the blinding darkness, unable to find the answers that would aid his sleep. His hair was a mess and he wore the glasses that he refused to ever wear, his eyesight taking the fall for his restlessness. Dominic was more of a mute than usual, not that anyone would notice, because his family had seemed to upend itself in a matter of a few weeks, Dominic included. His life had once been comparable to roses blooming on a fresh spring morning and the feeling after rain but now it felt like a tumultuous storm that refused to give up on him. His room began to smell like his room and not like the hint of honeycomb and lemon that he adored, making him regret entering his room at all. He became a recluse after his search abruptly ended, crawling up into his favourite chair and reading for hours on end until he passed out for a while. Dominic often became choked up and his eyes watered, a feeling that rarely came to him. Was he mourning the loss of a love? That was what any logical person would resolve, but Dominic was left more befuddled about it than what he would admit to himself or anyone else.

After days had passed and he'd read a good portion of the books that lay in his personal bookshelf, Dominic walked outside, the brazen heat making his hair frizz and the sunlight hurting his eyes so much that he nearly had to go back inside. He was alone as far as he knew, but his perceptiveness was not at its full capacity. Dominic had no exact plan or direction until he hit the picnic table, or the rickety old thing the Corrigan family called a picnic table. He situated himself on the top of it, sitting down and clasping his hands in front of him. He could hear the lapping of the small waves from the lake nearby and the rustle of leaves whenever the breeze passed through and greeted him. Dominic hung his head, wishing he could remedy himself but to no avail. Ryan encouraged weed and Devan encouraged drinking, but neither were even slightly appealing to Dominic.

devan anais corrigan
 Posted: Aug 2 2015, 09:30 PM


hogwarts alumni

user posted image
Everything around her was falling apart. First she’d lost her mother. And she hated, absolutely one hundred percent hated being ‘that girl’. The girl whose mother had died. Had been murdered. Who suddenly needed to be coddled. Whose family walked around her on eggshells expecting her to either cry out in frustration or anger at any moment and weep enough tears to flood the pond nearby. She hated the looks of sympathy she got. She hated every moment she felt her throat tightening up again at random times throughout the day because a wave of anguish filled her to the brim and it wanted to come out. Devan had always been a strong girl. Crazy, yes, but also crazy strong emotionally. She’d seen a lot of loss and pain in her life. You had to when you grew up in a house full of werewolves. But she’d also felt such incredible love and companionship that it hadn’t mattered. Then came Beckett and her world had been turned upside down. That was her first loss. When she’d decided to take the bite and had lost the first love of her life because of it. Because he couldn’t love her enough to see past what she had become and remember her for the girl she was. But maybe he’d been right to break things off with her, if not because of the wolf thing, but because she’d obviously changed because of it. She considered that one a change for the better.

Then of course there was her mother. The bite of it stung so intensely she couldn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel from it. And then Ryan of all people had the nerve to come up and tell her that the pack thought that she was going rogue. Just because she was expressing more action and force didn’t mean she was ready for everyone to grab their pitchforks and start burning villages in her mothers honor. She might’ve been a bit more snappy, lashing out here and there more often than not, but she hadn’t gone insane. Not to her and not yet anyways. In all honesty, she was headed down that road. But she refused to see it, deciding instead to turn a blind eye to it altogether. The loss of her mother had no silver lining.

And now, just when she’d been starting to feel better, she’d lost Nicolai. Right when she’d been daydreaming about jumping onto his ship with him and traveling the world and getting away from all of this craziness like Ryan so often preached about, she’d lost it. Lost him. He’d taken his ship and simply…left. Hardly a word really, but there were things out there bigger than them and bigger than her and he had to go. It wasn’t like it’d work out between them anyways, he’d pointed out. One day she’d die. And he wouldn’t. Simple as that. The sting of that one made her tongue go dry but it couldn’t be near as bad as what Dominic was feeling. Her older brother had very literally lost a girl he’d been falling in love with. Rather suddenly. The both of them, all of her family, feeling loss after loss, blow after blow. It was making her head spin. So, when she saw him sitting out by himself at the rickety picnic table she made a decision. It was healing time. But first, food and venting. With a stack of sandwiches and two iced teas levitating on a tray next to her, the recent Hogwarts graduate with hands stuffed into the pockets of her sweatpants walked slowly over to her adopted brother across the lawn. ”It’s not a book and…it’s not in peace and quiet by yourself but I’m here and I have food and…just really need to be around someone before I loose my mind, yea?” she said timidly. Despite being the alpha, she always respected her families space and choices. She tried not to push, but this was needed for the both of them.

 Posted: Aug 10 2015, 10:21 PM


hogwarts alumni

user posted image
Dominic was unsure on whether he wanted anyone around him or not. It felt like any time someone got closer to him than teen feet, Zara's scent would be further polluted by someone else's scent. He sighed as Devan approached him, feeling his memory of Zara's scent pollute until it was faded and mismatched. He would never find her at this rate. Talking wasn't his strongest suit, and he had the inkling that Devan wanted to talk, possibly about her connection with Zara as well, but Dominic's throat ran dry every time he tried to speak. It was impossible for him to speak because he felt like he needed to justify his feelings and he wasn't yet positive on how he felt or what he felt for Zara, never running into such a dilemma before. Dominic wasn't healing. He wasn't emotionally recovering from losing a girl because the situation had never been part of his structure before. People came and went all they wanted in his past, often leaving him with little to no notice, but he'd not become so attached to any of them as he had with her. It was impossible to explain because everyone else had family and felt secure in it and with themselves and he felt very insecure without Zara around, just as he had been before she'd shown up.

Devan seemed intent on sitting with Dominic and having a chat with him, so Dominic obediently succumbed to Devan's wish and shifted positions on the bench, leaving room for her. The bench creaked with his movement, unused to the weight of a werewolf man of his stature. "Come sit, Devan. You're always welcome." THe words didn't come from Dominic; they came from someone controlling him so that he didn't have to deal with small conversations and unnecessary kindnesses because he didn't feel like being himself or anyone at all. He felt like remaining stationary until nature crawled over his body and he eventually died of heartbreak. A broken heart seemed like the worst thing to die from but he didn't feel like living as the empty shell of a man.

"What have you got there? Presuming you're willing to share, of course." Dominic asked, gesturing briefly to the tray of goodies that Dominic had zero interest in eating or consuming in any manner. Dominic's appetite had shrunk to the point where he ate only when he felt himself becoming sick from not eating. He was admittedly becoming better with his eating, coming tot he table more often in the day and making his presence known in a minute manner. Still, putting up the healing front in front of Devan so that she could confess her fears and problems made him feel better in a way. Dominic hadn't yet made eye contact with Devan, let alone looked at her. He knew it was her from his werewolf instinct and abilities, and he felt the pains he was feeling. It emanated off of both of them and pooled together in the middle, collectively smacking him int he face a few times. "I was a rebel once. I mean, I did a rather naughty thing. I was told to use only the plastic cutlery at a home. Instead, I used the silverware once, for an entire meal. My adoptive parents could not comprehend the behaviour." Dominic explained, a ghost of a smile tracing his lips as he spoke of the occasion, thinking back on it fondly. Moving out of that home was a godsend to him, if only because he was moved to the last home before the Corrigan family plucked him from obscurity and made him theirs. "That was my painful was of making a point. Please be careful. The last thing I want is to lose you too." The point came out as more of a plead than a conviction-painted tone of warning, sighing and scratching his head, rousing the unruly curls as they bounced back and forth in an attempt to flee from one another. He finally looked at her, his eyes holding the least amusement they could.

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