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lailah marie ollinston
 Posted: Jul 18 2015, 10:46 AM



make you feel unpretty too

She doesn't know how to be an Ollinston. She doesn't know how to be anything but a liar. She creates an ideal picture-perfect world for herself, one where the expectations are low and the pressures non-existent. One where she no longer has to fight or bare her pearly teeth, sharp as daggers, or use her claws to slice into somebody else's body. In her perfect world, there is no such thing as lycanthropy; not for her, anyway. She is normal and she is loved and she is wanted, and nobody berates her when she messes up- because she does that. Even in her perfect world, she can't help but screw everything up because that's the only other thing she knows how to do. A liar and a fuck-up, but not an Ollinston- never an Ollinston. After all these years, she doesn't know anything different for herself. All she knows is wide eyes and vast gestures and colourful, vibrant stories that fall from her mouth and trip her up, because karma always comes back around and her lies will always be there to make her fall when it comes down to it. In the end, she will have nobody but herself to blame, and she knows this. If she could only be the person she was born to be, then there would be no trouble in her life. If she could only be strong, if she could only gather up the courage to fight for her family...but she can't. Instead, she cowers in the corner and pushes her fingers into her ears and hums low beneath her breath and pretends that nothing is wrong. She rocks back and forth and the volume of her song increases a great deal as time passes by, but she doesn't move from that spot. And then, when it is time to unfold her long and tired limbs, there is already a tale formulating in her mind. She was there, she'll say. She fought, she'll say. And she will pretend not to notice the disgust and despair evident on her brother's face. She will try not to let her sisters jibes about her intelligence hurt her. She will try to be strong and fierce, but she will always crumble in the face of adversity. There is nothing else to it.

Lailah Ollinston is a liar and a fuck-up and a coward and she doesn't know how to be anything different.

The guilt consumes her now that her sister is dead. If she had just been stronger, if she had just been fighting, if she had just been brave- then perhaps it would never have happened. Or perhaps it would be her lying cold in the ground, and perhaps that would be for the best, because lord knows her sister was a worthier Ollinston than she will ever be. Her sister was younger, but she was everything that Lailah wasn't. She loved the thrill of the fight, she loved to be there alongside her siblings, and she loved to get her hands on nasty, Corrigan mutt. And now she is gone, and it is Lailah's fault. She is more sure of that than she has been of anything else in her life, and the darkness envelopes her in a way that makes it impossible to breathe or scream or cry, and she spends the nights letting her nails dig angry red crescents into the soft skin of the palm of her hand and praying her room-mates don't hear her cries. She is weak and pathetic and worthless, but not everybody needs to know that. All everyone else needs to know is what she chooses to tell them, and that will never be the truth. She lies to everybody she meets in her life and she doesn't think she can ever stop. She lies because if she lies she can create this person that people will want to be around, that people will think highly of, and who would ever think highly of the girl she really is? Nobody, is the definite answer for that. How could they, when even she doesn't think highly of herself? She wishes she could be more and better and stronger and different and prettier and angrier and smarter and everything that she isn't. She isn't ever going to be good enough; not for her family, and not for herself, and not for anybody else, and this is something she has to live with, and lying is the only thing that gets her by. She can pretend that she is someone worthy of respect and adoration and she can pretend that she lives a life she can be proud of. In truth, she doesn't even remember where it first started; it has been too long for that now. She tells a different story every day and she spins herself a new world with every web she weaves and she wishes that she could fall into every single one of them and never come back to this life.

Her smile is ever present on her face in the company of others, but it falls and shatters as the curtain closes.

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