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 HARPER, grace elizabeth
 Posted: Aug 9 2015, 08:18 PM



my name is grace.

you've heard of me? that's wonderful. you don't even come close to knowing my story.

✖ grace could not be more different from her older brother. dean is a loudmouthed, uncouth, reckless, messy little man who believes in hunting supernaturals and talking with a lot of food in his mouth. he has an unhealthy obsession with pie and and unfortunate desire to protect grace from any boy who even dares look her way. grace is more proper than that; she is hard working and determined, has real ambitions and realistic dreams, and thinks before she acts. grace eats far more healthily than dean does, and is more polite than to talk in the middle of chewing her food. she and her brother have had a very weird on and off friendship through the years, from them bickering over values to being close and needing each other for support. she can't go to her brother for really big things, she isn't close enough to him to do that, but when she needs help she knows she can always ask him and he'll be there. grace didn't approve of the way dean slacked off in school, and always hoped that his friend sam would help him pick up on his work, and still maintains the belief that sam did all of dean's homework so that dean could graduate. the two don't even look alike; dean inherited their father's looks, while grace looks like a younger version of her mother.

✖ grace is not very good at big social gatherings. grace can handle small gatherings or hangouts with friends, but when it comes to clubs, pubs, big parties or events, grace won't often go, she'll stay home and shy away and stay home to read. she just doesn't like so much going on at once; it all gets chaotic and grace doesn't know what she should do while at the parties, and is afraid to get left behind without her friends around. she doesn't really do well with dancing or trying to find friends in crowd. grace has never tried alcohol or smoking so it really isn't her thing, and she doesn't know how to go about drinking or smoking or anything because it's never really held an appeal for her. grace fears she might have drinks and make a mistake or might do something she'd regret the next morning. she does have friends who do try to get her to go out, but she doesn't want to go out and let out secrets or make a silly decision.

✖ grace doesn't know whether she is into boys or girls, or rather, she didn't. grace has never been sure how she started questioning her sexuality. she's not the type to go out and experiment and find out and she's way deep in the closet. she's found girls attractive, but also guys, and right now she identifies to herself as bisexual, but others presume she is straight even though she has never dated anyone. she doesn't know how to go about experimenting, and is worried about how people will think of her when she comes out, if she ever does. the first step for her is deciding what she wants, and then she'll tell her decision to the people that matter. she doesn't check out girls or anything, but she does feel uncomfortable with human interaction because of it, and it's stopped her from getting close to a lot of people. as soon as she experimented with people, however, it became clear to her that she was interested in boys after all, and her impending marriage to none other than benjamin stark solidified that she would be with a man forever.

✖ grace's personality only attracts certain people. grace is witty and sarcastic at times, and that might deter certain people from wanting to be her friend. she is a clever girl and people who act stupid make her want to smash her head against a desk. she likes being intelligent and using it to her advantage, and finds people who don't have any intelligence to be frustrating. grace is not afraid of the reapers; she has no reason to fear because she's a pureblood, and the entire cause seems to be a pain in the behind to her. she's avoiding picking sides as much as possible, as it would put her in difficult situations, and she wants to focus on what she's doing and dealing with her internal wars.

✖ grace doesn't know what her future holds. if someone was to ask grace what she wanted to do with her future, she would shrug her shoulders and say she'd answer another time. grace really doesn't know what she wants to do with her future, but only being a sixth year, she has time to figure it all out and set a plan for herself. she knows she will have something more to do than her brother does, but what she wants will come to her in time, as will her other issues that she has to sort out. nothing has to be done in the moment other than her schoolwork, so that's what she focuses on. since she is matched to a stark, she knows she will be married, and that she is his. he has given her leeway to get a job once she graduates, which is a sigh of relief to her, but it scares her to think of how much she will have to sacrifice just for him and his family.

✖ grace betrayed him. grace chose liam over benjamin. her love for the muggleborn man won over her growing, blossoming relationship, and liam took her away from her life to be free. the two escaped and ran away to america, living a more simple life and trying to blend in with muggles and regular wizards. in america, grace did not have to be graze elizabeth harper; she could be any sort of person that she wanted to be. it was the end of her fifth year and she was elated to be free from everything that weighed her shoulders down and gave her early gray hairs. she and liam explored, they laughed, and they lived. they were halfway through their sixth year at salem after transferring, and liam disappeared. she didn't know what happened to him and spent her free time searching for answers when none came up. liam's bed was empty, his belongings gone, and grace was questioned on his disappearance. she only knew that things went south when she was asked to return to hogwarts.

✖ grace got sick, and she got sick fast. it wasn't morning sickness, her nurse deduced as she sat in st. mungo's alone, nursing a headache, cold sweats, and vomiting. the healer couldn't initially diagnose what was going on, unable to determine why she was so ill so suddenly. the healers gathered, examined her and her symptoms, and made their decision. "miss harper, somewhere within the past two days you have been poisoned. the poison was ingested, but it was such a small amount that it hasn't killed you. that being said, it's taking bits of you away." it didn't take a genius to deduce that her parents poisoned her. with all of their grand efforts to marry her off to solidify the connection between the harper family and the stark family, they failed because their daughter chose to rebel. her parents were not skilled with potions and overestimated the amount of potion to use on their daughter in order to weaken her to get her back into their grasp. with their plan failed and their daughter slowly dying, she was disowned. her parents sent her a letter, and informed her that she was no longer welcome in their home. she was slowly dying, weakened and alone. the healer explained that grace was going to weaken, she was going to falter, and she would never be the same, unless the cure was finalized. there was something in the process, but nothing was solid.

✖ grace now lives with her older brother and his best friend sam. she is taken care of more than she would like and more than she deserves. she is attending hogwarts for her seventh year but lost her ability to become head girl, instead choosing to be a prefect by begging through tears to the headmaster, trying to show the changes that she made. she is back where she belongs, but she's avoiding everyone in the hope that she can graduate at the top of her class and make it out alive.

you know my story now. i hope you don't pity me. i hope you learn from my mistakes.

most of all, i hope you don't judge me.

 Posted: Aug 10 2015, 09:02 PM



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