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 starts with hello, james
 Posted: Aug 2 2015, 11:17 AM


i just want to blow your mind

zooey vasques wasn't really shy. in fact, she liked to be around people. the issue was that she had horrible english and not everyone that went to hogwarts spoke french so the language barrier made things really awkward for her sometimes. she was actually fairly friendly and sociable, she liked to go to fancy parties with champagne and giggle in the corner with her girlfriends but, when she was here she felt like she was looked at strangely for doing that. so she usually just made her way around and was polite. clinging to the people who could speak french and didn't make her feel self-conscious about her horrible accent. on top of that, she had the scar. it wasn't really something she liked to go parade about but, it was days like today where it was more visible than usual. she was wearing a strapless sundress - never really one to give up the opportunity for a great outfit she smiled, rubbing sun-tan lotion on her caramel skin. there was a misconception that people with darker skin couldn't get sunburns but that was not true. she turned into a ripe piece of bacon if left out in the sun for too long without any sunblock on. she liked the lotion-feeling on her skin, which is why she usually opted for the muggle way over the magical way. anyways, the scar on her arm that came from the werewolf attack might have been an eyesore, but it rarely swayed the attention that she got. being a veela meant that she got attention without even really having to ask for it. she never quite minded the attention, having grown used to people fawning over her for the past sixteen years. she didn't intend to be a little vain but, she was raised with an audience so it sort of bothered her if she couldn't get one. she was never bossy, demanding or rude she just, soaked p the attention like some would soak up the sun-rays. it was just part of who she was.

she had to admit, she was pretty excited for the quidditch world cup. she had always wanted to go to one but when she was living in france it wasn't really practical but her parents had allowed her to stay with friends and go this year. she had saved up for a while to pay for stuff and there was no doubt she would see some famous quidditch players there. she did have to say, they were nice on the eyes. effie her now ex-best friend, had a really hot brother and a lot of really hot friends so she got a lot of eye-candy there as well. she mostly liked to go to the social gatherings to flirt and look at all of the cute boys, buy cute merchandise and eat sugary foods that she hated herself for later. furthermore, there was bound to be some good music there, there was always free-lance people and buskers about for her to listen to. zooey liked to dance and listen to music so this kind of environment was simply perfect for her. she had her hair up in a pony-tail and the long brown locks cascaded over her shoulder even when they were up so, she usually kept it that way because she hated cutting her hair. stopping at one of the little shops, she bought herself a popsicle, a cherry flavored one and popped it in her mouth. it was rather hot out. her sandals made a flip-flop sound as her long skirt flowed in the breeze. as much as zooey hated wearing clothing in general, this was as close as she would get to being naked in public. she knew that it was generally frowned upon by other people. sucking on her popsicle, she caught a rather handsome man out of the corner of her eye. giggling to herself as she ogled the man she vaguely recognized, she could just see him silhouette from where she was standing. she leaned against the wall of the little shop she was by and looked in his direction, sucking on her popsicle innocently as if she wasn't even trying to get his attention, but she knew it would work. her veela charm made her practically impossible to resist.

 Posted: Aug 9 2015, 08:44 PM


hogwarts alumni

user posted image

In all honesty, James wanted to go home. The Quidditch World cup a few years ago would have had young James gleeful to see his favourite team play. His favourite team was Ireland, and he enjoyed watching their antics unfold in front of his eyes. James would have sat eagerly on the edge of his seat as Ireland ultimately caused Sweden's demise, heartbeat rapid and fingers trembling from the anticipation, jumping with sheer happiness with everyone else as Ireland scored again and again. Young James would have thrived off of the game. James now would have preferred to be somewhere else. It wasn't as though the game bothered him or became less exciting with passing years; the game was just as nerve-wracking and exciting as it always was. It was the fact that people looked at him and wondered why both he and his father didn't become Quidditch players instead of working for the Ministry. James was inclined to remind those people that he and his father worked in different departments, to settle the lifelong qualm over whether James would follow in Harry's footsteps directly. What did it matter to anybody whether James would become an Auror or not? What did it matter that he'd already been sorted into Gryffindor, given up and adopted a positive outlook on his unruly hair, and had a temper when it really wasn't necessary.

Ireland scored. It wasn't unexpected but James jolted in his spot, then balling a fist and making a gesture to prove his pride for the team. The entire seating section was aflame with pride and happiness, and James joined in despite keeping himself to the back of the section and remaining there. It was difficult to contain himself when his teamed scored, but the goal was undermined by the fact that people began to question him again. He excused himself soon thereafter, moving spots and resuming his spectatorship with the people around him. His father was in the section next to his on purpose; James only got his ticket reserved after finding out where his father was located. He could see the game from where he was, and James was under the impression that he could not be seen. His blue eyes followed the game until they crossed paths with a dark-haired girl, her dark eyes locked on his body as she seductively licked a popsicle. While James initially wondered if she was looking elsewhere, even looking around him to see if anyone else was looking upon her with the intent of doing naughty things to her, but it became clear that the girl was looking right at him.

James knew her. He was distracted by the winding thought that she was familiar to him. She was familiar and she was sucking on a popsicle. She was sucking on a popsicle and she was attractive. She was attractive and the way her shirt tightened around her chest made him want to come closer. He wanted to come closer and she was in front of him. She was in front of him and he was so close he could smell the honeysuckle of her perfume mingled with the tart sweetness of the popsicle, and she smelled intoxicating. She was so intoxicating that he wanted to be all over her. Then Ireland scored and James was flipped out of the illusion and back into reality, standing in front of her making eye contact. Others were cheering and some asked him a question, but he pretended not to hear them, blinking to rid himself of the hallucination he was in. "Zo?" His voice cracked as he established himself in his current situation, inhaling and exhaling air with such focus that he could have made it a honed skill and won awards for it. "What were you looking at me for? I can imagine that the game is way more interesting than me." James explained, gesturing to the game, portraying kindness in his voice rather than rudeness. Part of him wanted an explanation as to why she wanted to stare at him and use her charm in the first place.

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