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 Waking Up With You, Kim's 4!
Markus Edward Stark
 Posted: Aug 15 2015, 03:42 PM


hogwarts alumni

khris krum

18, Bulgarian, Beater, Falmouth Falcons; World Cup; Party Boy; Wild Child; Former Durmstrang; Ladies Man; Single

Khris the son of the famous Viktor Krum and has lived a highly publicized life because of it. He is pressured to be the next sporting hero of Bulgaria but he is more notoriously known in Bulgaria and now the UK for his wild antics and proclivity for partying. He doesn’t care about rules and sometimes goes out of his way to break them just to spice things up.

Since graduating from Durmstrang, Khris reluctantly signed with the Falmouth Falcons, one of the many teams vying to sign him to a professional contract. He has a love/hate relationship with the game and generally is up to his same old antics of not giving a shit about the fact that he has a job most people would kill for. He parties too much, drinks too often, and dabbles in the odd party drug when provided. He is known around the Quidditch world as the "Bad Boy from Bulgaria" and has gotten much media attention for various salacious quotes and antics.

Khris doesn’t much care what a person does or their blood status or whatever else. As long as they are up for fun Khris will befriend them. He can be fiercely loyal to those in his inner circle. He is all about having a good time and though not many can keep up with him he does think it’s hilarious to watch people try Khris is a high energy kind of guy who likes to wear his emotions on his sleeve. He isn’t afraid to say exactly what is one his mind and do it in his ever sarcastic manner. That being said, there are going to be a fair few that can’t stand him for various reasons. He’s too loud, lives too hard, and parties too often. He seems to come out unscathed no matter what—at least on the surface---and often pulls off great Quidditch skills in games when he is either hung over or still drunk from partying.

Khris is known in the press and all around for being a ladies man. He is a player who pretty much is known to sleep with anything with a pulse. He would have a long list of previous hook ups and flings. He was not the relationship type at all until his last girlfriend Lacie, whom he is heartbroken over but is too stubborn to admit it right now. Khris is a flirtatious guy who likes to charm the skirts off all the ladies. He loves the chase but bores easily so it’s very hard to keep his attention for more than five minutes. With Lacie dumping his arse for good, Khris is looking for all the hook ups he can to get over her. His final is OPEN.

Current Status:Single and back to being a man whore.

markus stark

25, Former Slytherin; Ministry; International Magic Trading Standards Board; Crooked Official; Dark Arts; Manipulative; Charming; Reaper; Single

Markus Stark is another member of the formidable Stark clan. Adopted son of Sophie and Lucian his true parentage is a bit of a mystery. He is the product of an affair between one of the Stark men and a Squib maid. He was adopted into Sophie and Lucian's family as an infant to avoid scandal. Markus is not a good guy. He is a crooked official for the Ministry with ties to the black market. He is not opposed to taking bribes or money in exchange for something, usually free passage of illegal goods across borders but sometimes in getting rid of nosey officials. Aggressive, violent, manipulative and greedy, this man is only looking out for himself. He has a twisted sense of humour and is probably the last person anyone would want to meet in a dark alley.

Markus is a conceited prick. He is also wild, unable to be tamed, and needing to be entertained almost always. He probably scares more people than he does anything else. He makes friends who can benefit him. If there is something in it for him then he will definitely make an effort to play nice...or as nice as someone like Markus can. His only real allegiance is to himself so he looks to see what he can get out of people as opposed to finding a real connection to them. Most of the people he deems as friends don't know that he is using them. When it comes down to it he will throw them to the wolves to get ahead. He can be an extremely charming guy when he wants to be. At Hogwarts he was sorted into Slytherin and was almost expelled for fighting and nearly sent to Durmstrang at one point as well and has only become more volatile in adulthood. Markus rubs a lot of people the wrong way but few would actually tell him that to his face. The rumours about him aren't exactly scarce and though he has never been pegged for any crime people all seem to know exactly what he is capable of. He is a crooked International Magic Trading Standards Body official that has been known to accept bribes. He also has extensive ties on the black market. At Hogwarts he was known for being a bit too violent. He doesn't particularly like most people but he tolerates them. That all being said, he is going to have a fair few enemies, both in and outside of work, both professional and personal. If he hates you then he will definitely let you know in time. People who dislike him don't really tell him to his face though. He can usually read people well enough to tell. He is going to need a lot of enemies from all walks of life. If anyone is against the Starks or hates one of his family members then he will hate them as well. He comes from a pureblood elitist family and therefore has pureblood elitist views that are quite apparent and he does not hide them.

Most people, Markus included, aren't exactly sure if he is capable of real love. The closest thing he has ever come to real love is with himself or his old cat Tiberius he had when he was small. His grandfather killed the cat as a teaching tool in front of him so he is kind of messed up from that experience (though one would argue there are a number of factors involved with why he is as messed up as he is). He has a hard time empathizing with people. However, he is extremely charming, has a great smile and has been known as a bit of a player. He loves sex but he isn't too fond with the relationship aspects that surround it. He will have a fair few one night stands and flings. He has been known to get into a relationship because he is needed to sweet talk the girl into giving him something he wants or something his family needs. He is a user, a manipulator, and a bit of a narcissist. In true play boy fashion he does not like to be tied down. As for any chance at real love it will be extremely hard and complicated to get him in touch with any kind of real emotion. He sees love as a weakness. I am a bit open to the idea but I am not sure how it will work with someone so...Markus. His final is OPEN.

Currently he is SINGLE and not sure if he is capable of real love.

ryan corrigan

17; Gryffindor; Werewolf; Beta; True Born; Loyal; Protective; Chill; Naturalist; Musical; Laid Back; Secretly Taken

A wolf through and through, this 17 year old took the bite young. All he wanted was to take the bite and become a werewolf like the rest of his family. This laid back, non believer is part of the Corrigan clan, an eclectic mix of people from all walks of life. He is the only birth son of Mia and Jason Corrigan and was destined to be Alpha one day. The only thing is, he doesn't particularly want to be alpha. He is perfectly content with turning himself beta. Ryan is a party boy. He loves to have a good time, indulge in some medical marijuana, drink, and chill out. People gravitate towards him for various reasons and he is a leader that does not particularly need to lead to have others follow him. This Gryffindor is a star crossed lover and is just looking for a way to live in peace and protect everyone he cares about.

Ryan would have a lot of friends. He is a super chill guy who can get along with everyone. He likes to have a good time and is all about peace, love, and other drugs. He parties a lot and seems to be more interested in the social scene as opposed to school. He has no prejudices really and will be friends with anyone except for perhaps hunters and Ollinstons. Even then it's not as cut an dry as some of the other Corrigans. Ryan likes to meet a person before he judges them. He will need a lot of friends from all walks of life. He is a super chill, laid back, stoner type who likes to play guitar, party, smoke, and drink. Any and all plots will be welcome here! He can be a bit of a contemplative kind of guy. He can be a deep thinker when he's not surrounded by people as well. His best friend is Devan Corrigan and they have been best mates since they were small. He balances her wild and crazy ways with his chilled and laid back ones.

The Ollinstons and Corrigans have been in a feud for generations. The younger members don't even know the full story behind the hatred but all of them grew up knowing who to blindly hate. That being said, Ryan isn't someone who blindly hates anything. He has been questioning a lot about the feud. He is a hard person to hate because he is generally so accommodating, accepting, and open to others. Those who probably don't like him would be hunters who hate all supernatural and the Ollinstons. Also...if people don't like the smell of weed, peace pipes, and camp fires they probably won't be overly fond of him. His room at Hogwarts smells this way so he could have some tension with his roommates if they aren't fond of the hippy-stoner life style.

Ryan has always been a lover more than he has been a fighter. He has had a lot of flings, short term relationships, and hook ups because he has always had an appreciation for women. He was a bit of a player in that way because he would just go with what he was feeling and that would lead him to different women all the time. This all stopped when he met one Azrael Ollinston. It was love at first sight for him turning them into the definition of star crossed lovers. Their started in the summer and has been a secret since. It is vital that it is kept a secret. He is worried with their families are going to only bring death and ruin to everything...and Azrael is going to be caught in the crossfire. He will do anything to protect her even if it's not being with her...though he is yet ready to have it come to that. Please look at Renny's Want Ad for Azrael! Ryan will also need past girlfriends, lovers, and hook ups!

Ryan is currently secretly dating Azrael Ollinston (CHECK WANT AD) and she is his final.

cedric jansen

18; Belgian; Former Beauxbatons; Le Kif Kif; Fighter; Thug; Repairman; Dervish and Banges; Loyal; Protective; Abrasive; Foul Mouthed; Secretly Taken

This is the daredevil of the former Beauxbatons crew Le Kif-Kif! Cedric is a straight up shit disturber and a major adrenaline junkie. He is always looking for the wild and dangerous thing to do. He is known for starting fights and being dragged out of them only when he is near the brink of unconsciousness. He’s a savvy individual and has no qualms about outsmarting you in a bet and taking all your money. It’s all about profit for him and how he can get more of it. He is a fun loving guy with an edge. He likes to smoke, drink, and party but doesn’t do any of the real hard stuff. He is viciously loyal to his close friends and thinks of them as a second family.

He spends most of his time with Le Kif Kif and they are kind of like a package deal. Cedric is extremely loyal and protective over his friends and would do absolutely anything for him. That being said he does some have friends outside his group of hooligans. He can be a bit brash and sarcastic but generally can get along with anyone who can get along with him and his friends. He likes to smoke, drink and have a good time. He does have a tendency to start fights for fun as well so that could off putting to potential friends. He is seen as a slacker by most of his peers and is always caught up in some kind of illegal trouble. .

Anyone who thinks he has wronged them, stolen from them, cheated them, etc would have something against him. While he is not a trained boxer or fighter, Cedric does have a flare for getting into physical altercations so I am thinking that he would have a rather large group of people who don’t particularly like him. Cedric starts fights to fix bets and what not so he does piss people off on purpose. He also has a brash and sarcastic sense of humour which can be off putting to people who don’t know he’s joking.

Cedric comes from a large, halfblood, Belgian family that is not well off. They are working class and live in a rough area. He kind of resents the rich pureblood elites for all their luxuries and extravagance so he could potentially be a bit edgy and cold towards people of that class but generally he doesn’t care as long as he is not provoked first.

Cedric wishes he could say he was a lover and not a fighter but that is simply not the case. He is a high pace guy who doesn’t really have time for anything stable and consistent. He likes the idea of relationships but they always turn out for the worst in some way or another. Sometimes he feels as if he is out classed by the girls he dates and that they will eventually get bored and be turned off because he doesn’t come from money or anything so he break things off before the girl can. Besides, he’s bad news. Along with his other friends, he is always into trouble. He isn’t exactly boyfriend material and knows that a girl is not dating him so she can bring him home and show him off to mummy and daddy. When he finds a girl he likes he goes all out but is embarrassed in front of his guy friends and acts like an ass so he doesn’t get harassed by the boys. So I would describe him as a secret sweetheart that is rough around the edges and extremely guarded. His final is currently TAKEN by Aurora Goyle

© caroline forbes at shine.

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