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 on the road to ruin, cady
jude elias wintringham
 Posted: Jul 7 2015, 06:05 PM


hogwarts alumni

user posted image
Jude was on an accelerated natural high from the set he performed with his twin brother, Isaac. The two of them mashed together enough perfect songs and performed them for the masses, playing for more than just their fellow classmates. There were people from other schools as well as adults, an entirely new group to play new and reformed music for. People were positively receptive to what Jude and Isaac had to play for them. Jude's hard work and dedication were finally paying off, and scouts were grasping at their short attention spans in an attempt to create record deals. Jude pocketed all of the cards the scouts gave them and promised the two of them would look everything over and make the right decision by the end of the week. The twins had enough time to look over everything once their adrenaline calmed and their heads were on straight. Jude parted from Isaac with a celebratory hug, each one promising they would find the other soon. Jude and Isaac shared many friends, but there were a few that didn't hang out in the same crowd and that they didn't agree on. Isaac at one point hinted at the concern over Cady potentially crushing Jude's heart, but Jude admitted that while he still loved Cady, his love for her had morphed from unrequited to brotherly. She was still attractive; he wasn't blind and he wasn't unable to admit it to anyone but her. His feelings simply led more to how he'd protect her and care for her should anyone else crush her heart.

Jude left the stage and met up with people, feeling thumps on his back and handshakes before he could register the swarm of people around him and why they were there. A smile plastered on his face. Jude walked step by step through the crowd, attempting to see and meet them all as they all proclaimed that they were the biggest fan of the Wintringham twins. While Jude would have preferred a more unique, creative name that didn't relate to his surname, he couldn't ignore the feeling of adoration strewn at him. Jude flipped his hat so it sat backwards on his head, hair shooting out from underneath. He grabbed a drink from one of the stands and hummed as he sipped from it, walking around and talking to different people. His muscle shirt and shorts sat loose on him but not unbearably so. Jude walked around, spotting Isaac and waving in their little style until a girl came up and bombarded him for an autograph. An autograph? Jude was taken by surprise and nodded with a grin as he was handed a marker. Jude signed the girl's arm, and she proclaimed she was going to get it tattooed on that arm with Isaac's signature on the other arm. Blinking when the girl walked away, he couldn't help but laugh to himself. People were recognizing them and wanted them to know they were loved. Jude loved that feeling almost as much as he loved singing for the masses.

Jude finished his drink and deposited it, slinging on the sunglasses he kept in his free pocket. Jude was guarding the pocket with the cards in it, going as far as to enchant it and not allow the card to be taken or fall out and get lost. Jude spotted Cady hanging out with someone, or so it seemed, and he headed right for her, picking her up in his arms. "CADY!" He shouted in a singsong voice, his throat straining from the singing he'd just done. Jude didn't care; seeing Cady made that better. He carried her around for a moment, swinging around a little bit with her. "Did you see it? Did you hear me sing? How was it? Tell me it was good, my heart can't handle the break." Jude's voice cracked once or twice, his voice bouncing with excitement and anticipation. He previously performed a few songs in a lower voice when it was just him and Cady in the same room, vibing through music. It was a lot different than being in front of a crowd, but he appreciated Cady's feedback.

 Posted: Jul 9 2015, 08:57 PM



user posted image

she woke up this morning with parker's words echoing through her mind from the night before. why did she take her potions if they made her feel empty, miserable? because her parents wanted her to and she didn't want to disappoint them? because she didn't want nate to scold her, or jude to look at her with disappointment in his gaze? what did it matter if they were upset with her if she wasn't happy? why was she giving away her own chance to live her life for them? her family thought that she was unstable without the potions, that she was danger to herself. but she didn't remember it like that - she remembered passion. she remembered being able to fall in love, to write music, to enjoy dancing in the rain. there had been bad times too, heartbreak and anger and sadness that had exiled her to her bed for the day because she couldn't bear to get up, but she had never done anything that was a risk to her life. when the doctors talked about her condition, they told her about people who did crazy things. they told her about mothers slashing their wrists in front of their children, fathers leaving their family in pursuit of something more, regular people becoming paranoid that someone was out to get them. she had never done anything like that - she had never wanted to end her life, or leave her family and friends, or hurt anyone. she just wanted to live, and the potion turned her into a zombie. perhaps her parents thought that was enough for her, but she disagreed. she couldn't live her life like that. she would rather experience everything, feel everything, the good and the bad than feel nothing at all. so when she woke up the morning of the final night of the music festival, she woke up with confidence and took the vial from her bedstand. but instead of obediently swigging it down like a shot of alcohol, she dumped it in the toilet and flushed. she didn't need it. she was fine without it.

the first few nights of the music festival had been a bust. she couldn't enjoy the music with the potion weighing her down. but tonight was different. tonight she was experiencing everything as though it was the first time. she shrieked along with the crowd as talented artists played, only wishing that she could take the stage herself. she rode on the shoulders of a stranger, a solo cup of firewhiskey in her hand until she accidentally spilled the drink all over herself when it was time to start jumping. she bought glow bracelets and wore them around every part of her body, putting three together into a necklace and slinging several over her wrists and ankles so when the sun set, she glowed in the dark. the festival was great, but nothing was as good as seeing jude on stage. she had been bugging him to perform in public for years, every time they shared a private music session in the room of requirement or in one of their bedrooms at home in the summer. seeing him onstage gave her hope that maybe she would be able to convince her parents to let her do it one day. so she screamed her way through their performance because jude was someone special to her. he had been there for her every step of the way, trying his best to make her happy. other boys had come and gone from her life, but jude wintringham had always been a constant. maybe it was about time she thanked him for that.

their set ended and the crowd thinned out a bit, but she stayed, waiting for her best friend to come from backstage. she squealed the second he picked her up, throwing her arms around his neck and wrapping her legs around his waist like a spider monkey, grinning from ear to ear. "you were great!!! i told you that you would kill it, your first time really onstage and i bet there are already producers wanting to sign you!!! i'm so jealous, i wanna play. you better let me come with you when you get a big tour, i'm your favourite after all." she said, rambling off. "who knew you'd get big before me, hey jude. i should have upped my game."

jude elias wintringham
 Posted: Jul 30 2015, 07:21 PM


hogwarts alumni

user posted image
Jude wasn't surprised when Cady hopped up on him and basically latched herself to his body. In fact, it was a warming concept to have someone want to be around him so much and want to appreciate his music and talent so much. Cady was someone that made him want to continuously strive to be that much better for the gratitude Cady showed and the pride she displayed when his music made her feel something. Making her feel something other than miserable was a mission well accomplished in his books. The potion stripped Cady of a lot of her personality when it took her to her worst days, just like Jude's perfectionism and itch to tell himself he was worthless did on his bad days. They could each sympathize with one another, and Jude felt a lot more relaxed knowing that someone could understand his pain on a deeper level, not just on a superficial level. His attempt to tell his parents became dashed when Isaac joined them and their parents became ecstatic over their brief but valuable summer tour. The Wintringham twins would play in various areas across England and Ireland, dabbling with playing in France a few times. Yes, it was exciting, but equally important to his problems, which obviously took effect on his mood at times. His parents weren't rude and ignorant; they were oblivious because they assumed that the twins were equal in mood and issues. They'd come around to Isaac swinging both ways, and during a few dinners Jude had been asked if he felt the same way. They wanted him to be open, and he shook his head, making some remark about how all the guys wanted him but he was off limits to them, when really he worried that his problems would then surface and he would wonder why he wasn't swinging both ways.

Jude smiled as he craned his neck back to look at her better, walking with her in his arms. A lot of people, girls especially had to move away instead of approaching Jude for photos, allowing him to have his moment before he returned to the insanity of it all. "Were you front row? Were you right at the front? Did I sweat all over you? I think Isaac was so cool with his guitar flips and playing out towards the audience!" Jude's praise for Isaac was worry for himself, concern that he wasn't going to match Isaac's greatness and Isaac would leave him to become greater and more famous. Jude didn't want to be left behind in the dust, and he knew that Cady would give him the honestly he felt he deserved. Jude could take constructive criticism. He could manipulate it into helpful words and make himself into the person that the people around him wanted him to be. Jude put Cady down and grinned, pulling her in to hug her again. Having her close was his security blanket, and her being on tour with him would mean the absolute world to him. "Welllllll... it's funny you say that, Cadybobadey. There's an open spot this summer at the big tour we're doing. It's no world tour but a bunch of managers were yelling about it happening, so I would love it if you opened for us all summer long. You can even come out and help us with a few songs, and there's nothing Issie-pissie can say about it!" Jude explained, offering his informal invitation to her. There would be boring papers to sign at some point and things to handle when the business talk came around, but for now he just hoped that Cady would take his hand and make the summer a cool one.

 Posted: Aug 8 2015, 08:40 PM



user posted image

everything was amazingly clear when she was off her potions. it felt like she had been lifted from the fog into a beautifully sunny day where absolutely nothing could go wrong. the music sounded louder, the voices happier and everything in general had just been brightened. even jude, a constant in her life, was different when she was off her potions. normally he was one of the people she could drag herself from her shell for (the drugs didn't hurt, that was for sure) but she was realizing now that even her vision of him had been cloudy for the past year. the turquoise liquid stole everything she cared about from her and made it less impressive. the music was still there but quieter, the lights dim, the cheering muffled. people were less pronounced, less beautiful, less unique and more like everyone else. it was as though she was looking through glasses with the wrong prescription, it distorted everything. but now things were clear again and her heart was beating fast with the excitement and it was impossible to remove the grin from her face. she found herself not wanting to let go of jude because she was marvelling over how soft his hair was, how warm his skin was against hers and how musical his voice sounded even though he was just talking. she could feel his own heartbeat against her chest and she clung tightly to him for a few moments, laughing for what felt like the first time in ages. she couldn't remember ever being this happy. she was a firework that had been ignited and she had the world right at her fingertips. the world was a beautiful place and she was discovering it all again for what felt like the first time.

she giggled as he exploded with questions, each of them coming so quickly that she couldn't answer it before another was spilling from his lips. "yes, obviously, i'm never going to shower again because i am covered in the famous rockstar jude wintringham's sweat!!" she spoke excitedly, not even needing his excitement to ignite her own. she grinned as he moved away from talking about himself, moving onto his brother. so modest. too modest. he needed to accept the fact that he was awesome, or he'd never make it in the world of cocky musicians. "he was great but you were amaaaaaazing!" she said, drawing out the word to make it mean even more than it already did. " did you write all those lyrics? why haven't i heard some of those songs before? " it was her turn to ask the questions and she unhooked her legs from his waist as he went to put her down but keeping her arms wrapped around him for a hug until he proposed her joining them on their tour. her eyes widened and she backed up, excitement building and she screamed, getting the attention of quite a few people surrounding them. "JUDE WINTRINGHAM ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW?" she shouted, almost bouncing in her excitement and completely ignoring the knowledge that her parents would never agree to it because they wouldn't even let her open for nate and they trusted him more than anyone. "YOU ARE THE BEST I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU!" she threw herself back at him, this hug even more enthusiastic than the last before she got on her tiptoes, pressing her lips to his fervently. she had kissed jude before, but most of the time it was pecks on the lips so she could giggle when he blushed or quick touches on the cheek for good luck when he was feeling self conscious. she had never really kissed jude wintringham - they were best friends, she had never looked at him like that. but this was a real kiss, and it felt right. it felt so right that despite the fact that they were in public, she didn't end it quickly or keep it chaste. for the first time, cadence tremlett was kissing jude wintringham like she meant it.

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