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 stolen dance, eva
 Posted: Jun 26 2015, 10:31 PM


beauxbatons alumni

so that i never feel alone again

it wasn't unusual for thibault idoni to be out at a bar; in fact ever since school had ended a little under a month ago he had pretty much become a regular at a lot of the bars along diagon alley. he wasn't the kind of person to really pace himself and he went out to drink and get really, really drunk. thibault didn't really know what he was going to do with himself now that he had graduated. he was pretty much living with eva and he didn't have a job or anything to contribute. hell, he didn't even graduaten his own accord. he simply had other people do his final exams for him. thibault was useless and had no skills other than drinking, fighting an fucking to get him through life. he wasn't really all that proud of it. he didn't really want to be some big, successful guy because he didn't think that he was capable of that. he was a rat that grew up in the gutters with hand-me downs and parents that never really cared about him. hos mother had died and though he was sad about it, it didn't change anything because his dad wasn't going to comfort him and no one actually gave a shit about thibault when they were related to him by blood. he was an accident, and he wasn't supposed to happen. when he was found out to be useful to them, they cared and decided to keep him around. thibault idoni had always been teetering between sane and out of control. he was violent and he didn't know how to handle any sort of emotions well. he tended to push away any emotion that didn't channel his internal aggression. he had grown up in the slums of italy and he had always been treated like all he was good for was his two fists; he had never been loved enough or even the right way and he didn't really know what to do when he heard that his mother had died. he wanted to push it all out like he normally did, and he had been doing a good job of that for a week now. not mentioning it to any of his friends or eva because to him it was no real loss. his mother had been a selfish whore who hadn't given him anything since she shoved him out of her chlamydia infested cunt when she was eighteen years old. she had spent the next seventeen years neglecting and finding every reason possible to rid herself of the child that she hadn't wanted. she pawned him off on her extended family to give him lessons in professional fighting because to her, that actually gave t a purpose and she found out that she could gain money from her accidental son. when she had put him in professional fighting competitions, rather than using the money that he won for things that thibault really needed, she used them on joy-rides with her husband and drugs, leaving thibault to wear ratty, worn-down clothes and pushing him harder and harder until one day he eventually just snapped and decided that he didn't want to give them that anymore. he had grown to hate his parents; especially his mother because she was the one who was supposed to love him more than anything in the world and she had abandoned him for a needle full of heroin and he had felt like he was nothing to her when he was supposed to be everything. so when she had died, he hadn't been surprised that it had been from a drug overdose. he had received notice from the headmaster and he had chosen not to even go to her funeral; he had written his family off over a year ago and going back around them would just be allowing them to control his life and avert his feelings again. thibault idoni had been living his life normally as if nothing had been happening at all since his mother passed away just over a month ago. he was fine.

that was what led him to doing what he was doing now. he wasn't good at coping with emotions and feelings but, he did his best at keeping them in check. he often got irational and stupid when he was feelings things that he didn't want to feel, and that's what led him to the bar to be drinking. he didn't remember what time he got there, or when he had started drinking or even what time it was now but, the amount of alcohol in his system didn't really allow for him to think clearly. he knew that he had a girlfriend and that he loved her and she loved him but, that wasn't something that he cared about at the time. the pretty blonde girls at the bar were interested in sitting in his lap, so he let them. he let them sit in his lap and slide their lips across his neck and he didn't even think about the consequences. thibault rarely thought about those and though he knew if he was sober, he would have felt a pang of guilt for letting these girls that were not nearly as pretty as eva kiss him, he was drunk and didn't care. he was drunk and wanted all of the bad feelings to go away. he could have gotten in trouble for being this drunk in public but he was pretty cheerful. laughing and telling jokes while girls kissed him and ran their hands across his muscles. they never even asked him if he had a girlfriend! he was feeling good right now because he couldn't feel anything, and that was bad.

evangeline marie rousseau
 Posted: Jun 27 2015, 08:40 PM


hogwarts alumni

Cedric Jansen had fucked up.

Ok that wasn’t really what was going on but in a way it had. But Cedric wouldn’t be the one getting into trouble for this. Thibault would be. It had all started earlier that day. Eva four times a week was required to be at the hospital for healer training for 6 in the morning to 9 at night and sometimes later if things were hectic. Once she got off of healer training it’d go down to 3 days a week but even then it was stressful work, always on her feet, constantly thinking and providing and caring. But the people there, including her roommate, were supportive and helpful. She honestly enjoyed it. But it made time with Thibault more scarce and she had seen that it was a bit frustrating for him but she tried to make up for it as best she could. Tonight was just one of those nights where she knew she’d get home late and there was no point in him staying there because by the time she got home he’d be sound asleep and then she’d be gone again in the morning. On these days he usually stayed with Cedric in the house that was already filled to the brim with people but she knew he liked spending time with his friends and gang. He’d told her yesterday that that was where he’d be. And so she thought nothing else of it.

Until she got the phone call. One from Cedric asking to put Thibault on the phone because he had to ask him something or another and then she felt her stomach sink. If he wasn’t with Cedric where in the world was he? She muttered something incoherent and had hung up but it was only 11. Maybe he was with Q. Maybe Cedric was mistaken in telling her that T was supposed to be there tonight. It just had to be a mistake. But as time wore on and she knew she ought to go to bed to sleep for her shift in the morning, she couldn’t. Worry set in and she was still in her scrubs trying to settle her nerves when the clock struck 3 in the morning. And still no Thibault. She hated being that girlfriend but considering her boyfriends line of extra curricular work, she was in her right to be worried. He was a thug and one of these days she was afraid it’d catch up to him. And over the past few hours she had been thinking about where he might be and one word rang out in her mind above them all. Bars. She’d noted the extra few beer cans in the trash and hadn’t thought anything of it but it’d certainly become more constant over time. With a frown she grabbed her purse and left, popping to a strip that she knew he frequented with his friends and began the hunt.

They’d been dating for a month and a half. For a month and a half things between the two of them felt normal. Easy going. There were a few more bumps what with Cosette’s outrage at T and his own problems and graduating and the move but she still loved him and to her things were perfect. But apparently not to him. Because when she walked in the bar there he was, looking more like the Thibault from a year ago than the Thibault that had held her hand and told her he was in love. The blonde on his lap seemed extremely comfortably considering Thibault’s hand rested easily along her waist, the other girls lips sliding around his neck and ears and back down again. Eva’s face went red as she froze. She was like a fly on the wall. No one was paying her any mind. She’d been so worried about him and his well being but here he was. Completely fine and apparently content. She should’ve left and part of her wanted to. He hadn’t noticed her yet she could go home, pretend she hadn’t seen a thing. She could go home and maybe yell at him after she got off of work again tomorrow because she was already loosing precious sleep for the life she’d built for herself. The life she wanted. One where she let her boyfriend stay with her because going to his own home was a brutal fate. Where she’d gotten him ties for job interviews. Where she healed his wounds. No. He was hers. She’d earned it every single day and although she felt pain in her heart, she wasn’t giving him up to some blonde skank. Not tonight.

She was moving forward, shoving people out of the way and now they started to notice her. The girl who was clearly a healer of some sort still in her uniform with hell in her eyes and there was a split second where she caught his eye but she didn’t care. Eva was out for blood in a way she never had been before. Her hand reached out, tangling into the mop of blonde hair and pulled. The girl slipped off of Thibault’s lap and onto the floor. And now she wondered if this was the sort of rage T always fought with. Cause it was intoxicating. The girl was saying something but Eva didn’t care. She was straddling her, her hand turning into a fist and as Thibault had taught her on several occasions, down and to the side with her punches. Eva was wailing on her and the girl was trying to strike back, slapping her a few times and tugging on her hair but it was clear Eva was enraged and had the upper hand as she spoke through each punch, ”Keep…your slut hands…off of…my…boyfriend you good for…nothing…piece of…shit. You stupid…stupid stupid…” she said in French, her eyes tearing up, and now she wasn’t sure who was more stupid. This girl. Or herself.

 Posted: Jul 29 2015, 10:55 PM


beauxbatons alumni

so that i never feel alone again

thibault was never a person that understood boundaries. he didn't get monogamy or what was right or wrong. he didn't understand when people were constantly fucking the same person over and over but here he was,having found himself in a relationship like that. it wasn't so terrible when he was thinking that he was dating this really hot, wonderful girl who cared about him despite everything that he was. he still felt that way but, with the heartbreaking news of his mother's passing and the fact that thibault just didn't handle any sort of feelings the way that a normal person would, he was starting to think very irresponsibly (even more so than usual) and he wasn't thinking about how any of his actions would make eva feel. to any outside this would look like a dick move, but anyone who knew thibault would know that this was right up his alley. whenever there was anything undesirable in his life, he reacted by behaving poorly and thinking that he was going to not get in trouble for it. he was basically a large child, and everyone who knew him was well aware of that. even when he was with le kif-kif, he didn't behave the way that he should all the time.he shut people out and treated them like garbage when they were supposed to be people he thought of as family; he did think of them as family but t had never been raised in an environment that embraced love and respect. he simply didn't know how to behave in a conventional way, and that was rather sad.

thibault idoni thrived off of chaos. it was a known fact. he was always doing something that was dangerous and non-conventional and there was nothing that would tame him or settle him down. he didn't deal with feelings and emotions like everyone else did and he let everything out with aggression. he was a ticking time bomb at all times, a short fuse that was just waiting for the right moment to explode and turn everything around him into pieces. he was a loose canon, a hand grenade, anything that caused destruction at all costs could be used to describe him. it took a lot to make him see reason and to make him sit down and accept that he was feeling things that he didn't want to feel. he was stubborn and hard-headed with his opinions and he never backed down from a fight. ever since his mother had died, thibault had been fighting with himself. the internal battle to allow himself to feel grief for her death or not. his mother had never loved him the way a mother should love a son. she viewed him as an accident for the first thirteen years of his life and then as a bank account after she discovered that he had potential and he was talented when it came to fighting and magic. his parents were street rats, drug addicts and criminals that never truly cared for their son unless he was handing them over all of the money that he worked for. the bruises that he bore on his skin made him feel legitimate. they gave him a purpose in life and when he got something out of it, they stripped him of it. when he turned fifteen he told them to fuck off and had ended up staying with cedric when he wasn't in school and hadn't spoken to his parents since. finding out that his mother was dead made thibault feel things that he had been trying to push away. he remembered being a little boy who only wanted his mother to hug him and tell him he was loved, but the only thing she ever loved was a needle in her arm, ad the love of her life had been what killed her. he hated her, but he had always wanted to be enough for her. he had wanted to be the thing that made his mother better, but he had never gotten the chance to do that and he hated himself for it.

ever since graduating (barely) thibault had been lacking the chaos that he lived off of. he had a bit of a boring life. not that he didn't love eva, he truly did, but he just felt...bland...boring and like there wasn't a lot going on. mattie and thibault were beginning to work on things after their huge blowout and things were getting back to normal. cedric, alejandro and quentin were still pretty normal and things were at a standstill. thibault felt like his life was wrecked after finding out about his mother but he was still stuck in a trance and he didn't know what was going on with him. h had been officially dating eva for a month and a half but he felt like he was never going to quite get the hang of dating one person and not being able to fuck other people. he didn't want to let her down but t didn't really have high expectations for himself. he wasn't the kind of person that cared about anyone other than himself. thibault was too stubborn to admit that he was ever wrong. he knew that he should have told his girlfriend where he was going tonight, and that his best mate probably assumed he was there...but he didn't care too much about what they thought. he decided to go out and be selfish because he needed to be. he needed to think about himself because he was the only person that was going to be able to fix himself properly.

everything happened in a blur, the pressure from his lap was gone as eva came into focus and he watched with wide eyes as everything came clear in front of his drunken eyes. he was impressed with eva's strength but he knew that what was happening was not a good thing. when it became clear to the people in the bar what was going on, they accumulated a crowd, but then the owner of the bar kicked them both out and sent the girl to the doctor,threatening to call the police if the fight got any worse. thibault stumbled out after eva, feeling his hands scrape against the hard wall of the bar as he regained his balance, looking over at the brunette that he had fallen in love with. even in his drunken state he knew that he fucked up, but he couldn't bring himself to apologize to her yet. "that was impressive, but next 'ime you shouldn't get us 'icked out" he tried to tease, but he didn't have the tact to realise this was not the right time.

evangeline marie rousseau
 Posted: Aug 13 2015, 09:31 PM


hogwarts alumni

Eva had gone from the popular, cheery girl at school to someone she hardly recognized anymore. The cheery disposition was fading rather rapidly and it was all because of moments like this. From the time she’d first met Thibault, to the day Mattie had beaten her bloody, and the day her father had tried to kill himself, to the time she’d seen thestrals and had an argument with her sister. Each of those moments had chipped away small pieces of who she was before to reveal something new. And she wasn’t sure she liked it. The Eva of merely a year ago wouldn’t have hit the girl. She would’ve approached the situation in a calm matter, probably left and had a good cry by herself to talk to Thibault later when he wasn’t drunk. She would’ve thought over the pros and cons in her head, wondering if it was really worth it, wondering if he’d actually done something wrong or if this was, in part, her own fault. But so much had changed and so much had happened that she couldn’t see that side of herself anymore. The idea of that to her now seemed ridiculous. Mundane. Weak. When she’d told T she’d felt weak once he’d gotten terse with her. She wasn’t to call herself that. She was strong for surviving the things she had. For still being caring in her heart despite it all. But she wasn’t sure how much of that she had left. Especially when currently all she could feel was a raging, pissed off heat coming from inside of her. She’d hit that girl. But she’d wanted to do more. She’d wanted to reach up and grab a bottle from the bar and smash her head in. She wanted to bend her fingers back until she heard them each snap individually. And maybe she would have. But as she reared back for another punch she felt someone dragging her off, a lot of yelling, a little blood on her hands and her own head ringing, her jaw sore from one decent punch the girl had managed to land. And that was it.

She was walking. Fast. Shoving people left and right and as she glanced down she saw strands of blonde wrapped around her knuckles. She must’ve ripped out a small chunk of the girls hair in the process. Whoops. She paused only briefly to let the strands fall to the floor. Her entire body was shaking, humming with the scene and not getting to release all of the anger that had come so rapidly to smack her in the face. And her boyfriend wasn’t making the situation any better for either of them. They were almost out when he spoke, his words slurred and mumbled. Eva rounded on him, her voice high and screeched, ”Shut up! You shut the fuck up. Getting kicked out of the bar…are you fucking kidding me!? That’s what you’re worried about right now,” she said, letting out a shaky breath of air before turning on her heel. The cold air of outside hit her. A pleasant breeze and she sucked in the air not polluted by cheap alcohol and cigarette smoke like she’d never breathed properly a day in her life. She whirled back around and looked at T again, the anger still in her eyes.

She ought to leave him there. Piss drunk. Alone. No money. No way to get home or to get in touch with anyone. She glared at him and the word kept swirling in her mind. Leave. Leave. Leave him there. He deserved it. But her heart began to pulse and she knew she’d regret it at some point or another. Eva let out a string of curses in French before roughly grabbing his forearm, digging his nails into the skin before she popped them both to her apartment. Eileen wouldn’t be home for a few hours but there was no way in hell Eva herself was going to be able to go to work. She had barely a few hours before she was to wake. She’d have to call in sick. All for him. Always for him.

As soon as her feet hit tile she shoved him away like it had burned to touch him at all. The tears started pouring but not out of sadness. Out of pure anger and adrenaline. ”After all I’ve done, you selfish bastard. Did you sleep with her? You did, didn’t you? You slept with that fucking cunt or a different one. Hugging on her the way you were in public no less. Couldn’t last barely a month with me. Do I bore you? No…no don’t answer that. Filthy fucking-…..I want you out by the time I get up in the morning, do you hear me? OUT!” she said, shoving him again as she made to go to her bedroom.

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