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 blurryface, reka
 Posted: Aug 1 2015, 08:13 PM



user posted image

the bar was filled with smudgy shapes and colours that made his head hurt, but he knew well enough that they weren't real.

maybe it was the potion that he bought from a street vendor in knockturn alley that had promised it would give him the best high of his life. maybe it was the substance he had snorted off the flat stomach of a beautiful blonde with skin so bronze it made him look like a ghost. "ghost!" the girls called to him from their booth, their high pitched giggles piercing his ears. was the female gender so frustratingly annoying when he was sober? he couldn't remember. shit - he couldn't even remember his own name, which was why the nickname had been picked up in the first place. there had been a time where he wouldn't have touched a drug if his life depended on it because there was a risk that it would rot his precious brain cells and turn him into a normal person. prodigy, they had called him. for awhile, he had believed it. he had followed the twenty year plan his professor parents had created before he had even been born, attended merlin's academy for gifted wizards and witches and worked his ass off for the first fourteen years of his life to be smarter than anyone else his age. but that hadn't been enough because no matter how much you studied, you couldn't learn talent. it had been too easy for them to take away everything he had worked for - gone was merlin's, gone was the twenty year plan and gone was his prodigy status. when once his wit would have caused others to laugh and call him a genius, now he was just a smartass. he had been meant for big things once, but not anymore. so what use did his brain cells really have? he was already far smarter than the average person, maybe he needed to be knocked down a few rungs. he was happier with the drugs than he had ever been during those years. there was more to life than books and lessons and plans. he was pretty sure he was looking at the world through the lens of an undiscovered colour. maybe that could be his epic contribution to the world. he'd name it after himself, whenever he remembered who he was. then he'd be eternal, the legacy his parents wanted. he could shove it in their face and tell them to go fuck themselves. who the fuck made a twenty year plan for their unborn child?

"ghost!" the banshee's called again and he stumbled from his seat - seat was too strong a word, he was perched on a windowsill - over to the booth where they were seated. one pressed her lips against his, tasting of sweat and strawberries while the others giggled. another leaned in to murmur in his ear - " i don't think alicia would mind being haunted by you" there were...five of them? six? he had lost the ability to count, but it wasn't the number of girls that were there that was important. but strawberry lips - angela's? alison's? he had already forgotten the name that had been murmured to him moments before - were touching his again and a flurry of movement signaled that the others were leaving. she murmured something shyly, something he didn't catch as he pressed her against the wall of the booth they were seated in, his fingers on her thigh, pausing to marvel at how warm her skin was despite the short skirt she was wearing and her hot breath hit his cheek, the words of her whisper lost in her breathing. his hand moved up slowly trailing up towards her panties and her high pitched voice said the only word he had really retained in the last hour - "ghost!". higher and her hands were pressing against his chest, her pitch even higher. but he didn't get to move any further, cold, rough hands grabbing his elbow and pulling him hard enough for him to topple off the bench of the booth, the stranger practically tossing him to the floor. strawberry lips was flushed, pulling her short skirt down as far as she could. mysterious stranger - a big man - bellowed something that made his head hurt. fire seized his veins as he stood and pulled out his wand. he didn't need to think to duel. he had been doing it all his life.

big man had to say his spells out loud, which gave him the disadvantage. strawberry lips shouted something in her high pitched voice, his voice again, a warning. it didn't matter. merlin's had taught duelling since his first year and he had mastered wordless magic since his second year, wandless since his third. after all, he had been a prodigy. even though he was nothing more than a deadbeat now, that didn't disappear. it didn't matter that big man was just a splotch of orange in front of his face, either he had a florescent shirt on or a terrible spray tan and nik was betting that the correct answer was both. strawberry lips was clear, so he kept his eyes on her as he flicked his wand in big man's direction - almost lazily, whereas big man was about big shows. fuck if he knew what the spell did - he didn't even remember his own name.

 Posted: Aug 10 2015, 04:02 PM



at least we'll both be numb

Bars were places that reeked of everything that Reka held dear to her- narcotics, danger, and reckless behaviour. She was a girl of many talents, and getting into trouble was one of her best. By now, she was a seasoned pro at being in the wrong place at the wrong time- though to her, it was the vice versa of that. It was always exactly what she wanted; always itching for a fight and the chance to get her hands dirty and her body bruised. Perhaps she was a little self destructive, but all the best ones were, weren't they? Reka had matured to be someone who knew exactly what she wanted and exactly how to get it, and more often than not that resulted in her creating more enemies for herself along the way. It mattered little to her. There was no love lost between her and anyone else in the world that she should choose to make an enemy of hers, and it was true that she had more rivals than she did friends. It was for the best; at least with enemies there could be no betrayal, for she knew exactly what to expect from those who hated and feared and despised her. Allies could be...tricky. There was no telling when they'd play their aces, and Reka herself was someone who chose to keep her cards close to her heart. Now, for instance, she didn't have any of the usual crew with her. She understood that strength came in numbers, and that the lone wolf idea hardly ever worked especially when someone had plans that were as large as hers- but she ventured out alone more often than not, always with something up her sleeve and an idea that would undoubtedly get her into trouble. Tonight, especially, she was on the lock out for some new drugs that the Zmei could get their hands on. Hogwarts had been claimed by them ever since they had set foot within the castle walls, and now that the stupid French bitches had fucked off to the real world, Reka was more determined ever that the Zmei would not relinquish their hold over the school- and thus that meant getting the good stuff. Whatever was fresh on the market they would have to smuggle in. Theirs was a growing enterprise, and she was determined that it would flourish even more beneath their nurture. Knockturn Alley was known for the darkest artefacts and the most potent of potions, and that was how she found herself slipping into a fairly unknown bar, alone but with her head held high and confidence obvious in her stride. Reka was not one for weakness; nor was she one for fear, and though people tended to underestimate her purely because she was of the female persuasion, she was always quick to teach them never to underestimate a woman like her. Women, she often thought, could be far more powerful than men; whilst others saw emotion as a weakness, she saw it as a strength and valued it above all else. Anger could make someone strong, and compassion could make them full of fight. She was always careful to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages, of course, but she was not blinded by old-fashioned ideals of what was right and what was wrong for a leader.

She had long since proven herself as someone who was resourceful and someone who could form a strong and long-standing group of allies. The Zmei may have just been a bunch of unruly and rowdy teenagers to some, but she was able to see the true beauty of what they were; teenagers who were willing to rebel against the normative system. She was through with being considered nothing but a girl by her father, and eventually she was sure she would rise to power above him. One day, she wanted to take his place as the head of the European ministry for magic, and she knew that nothing was ever going to get in her way regarding that. For the time being, though, she was willing to set her sights on smaller, but not any less important things. She had heard talk of a new drug hitting the streets, and she was determined to get her hands on some- perhaps she would test it on one of the idiots who trailed after her like lost puppies, but she wasn't entirely sure yet. Unfortunately for her, she didn't have time to dwell on it, as an altercation taking place in one corner of the room caught her attention from the off. The boy- well, the boy looked rather insignificant really, and totally off his fucking face judging by his sloppy movements and the way his eyes were so clearly diluted, even from across the room- but observation was a skill that Reka had learned from a young age, and almost immediately she realised that he wasn't saying a word when he was half-assedly duelling with the bulky man; wandless and speechless magic was impressive, especially for someone who looked anything but.

When Reka set her sights on someone, it wasn't long until they became hers and, in that moment, she had found the newest toy to add to her collection. Sweeping down from the bar stool, she made her way over to the group and slid gracefully in front of the man, placing a hand on his bicep and wearing a smile that was anything but friendly. ”Стоп.” She said steadily, her eyes hard, and- well, the recognition seemed to enter him like a slap to his face. It was difficult not to recognise the daughter of an extremely feared man, even over here in England, and she allowed herself a small smile as he stepped back immediately, mumbling his apologies. ”I suggest you leave. And please- take your slut with you.” The reaction was immediate once more, as her jerked his hand out towards the girl who was still tugging at her skirt; Reka rolled her eyes in disdain, and turned her attention to her new goal as the other two left. ”You,” Her tone was one of order more than anything, and she stepped forward, tilting his head up with her fingers lightly on his chin to scrutinise his eyes. ”What have you taken, hmm?”

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