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 don't, sebastian
 Posted: Jun 22 2015, 11:07 PM



i don't wanna know that, babe

with the end of the school year finally here amelia stark had a lot of things that were weighing on her mind. it was unusual for the generally carefree gryffindor to care too much about things happening outside the little bubble that she liked to put herself in, but for once there was just so much that she was thinking about that she found it nearly impossible to just take a second and stop, to just breathe in and stop worrying. she knew that this was a really bad time for her family right now, her brother being essentially put on the chopping block because his 'best friend' had decided to frame their family for a murder that they didn't commit. though amy didn't honestly care that much what happened to reggie stark, she did care about her brother (even if she was mad at him) and the rest of the people in her family. this could put herself and her cousins at risk and that was not something that amy felt comfortable with. she didn't know what to do, because she wasn't really used to having to worry too much or really think for herself. her father was a big-shot politician and her brother was going to take the leadership spot in the family so really all amy had to do was be a good pureblood by the stark standards and marry some pureblood guy and make more stark babies for her family to fawn over and such. it was a pretty good life - even if she didn't really know what she wanted to do with it after graduation. thankfully she had an entire year to think about that after she graduated. she always liked the idea of being a housewife, or a stay at home mom with her small amount of children and then having a handsome, wealthy husband. even though amelia had never been in love and she loved fooling around with men, there was still the idea that one day she needed to settle down lingering in the back of her mind. she didn't want to worry about that right now though, not with everything else going on.

see, the thing was that amy had never been in love before. she didn't know what she truly wanted in a relationship or what kind of man would be husband material. being a stark meant that she did have a good chance of choosing her own husband which was nice for her to think about. she didn't have to stop herself from falling for someone when she did because of some sort of arranged marriage unless of course benji decided that he needed to throw her in one for some stupid alliance. she just didn't want to try to fall for someone.she figured it would happen one day. sure, she had been in a few small relationships and she had gone on dates and had a good time with guys but she didn't really ever fall for any of them. there was always something about them that seemed unavailable or undesirable to amy and she allowed those severe flaws to get in the way of her falling in love with them. of course she never really told them that, she wasn't cruel and didn't want to gain the reputation of a man-eater. that was not the purpose of it at all, no. she just liked to feel normal, like her whole life wasn't dominated by some relationship and she could just enjoy drinking, going to parties and sleeping with cute boys because to her that was the more normal thing to do than to be sitting around worrying about who she is going to marry and if she is going to be in love with them. she felt bad for her brother, being arranged to the devil-spawn that was sage norwood meant that his whole life was going to be turned upside down, and amy felt bad because he would be a different person and she didn't want to lose her brother, but at the same time, she also knew that he did it to himself, really by choosing to trust chloe fontaine, the stupid bitch only cared about herself. benji said she did this to protect him, but protect him from what? she didn't see this as protecting him, she saw this as ruining him and that just pissed her off more than anything.

there was so much that had happened to the stark family as of late. not only was there the fiasco with the norwood family, but benji had just been attacked by a werewolf and they were unsure if he was going to turn or not. the healers said that it didn't look like a bite but there was no way to be completely certain until the next full moon. she knew that her family would want to kill benjiif he turned into a werewolf bu amy was incredibly torn. her brother being a werewolf was terrible but...in her mind him being dead was even worse. it was a hard thing to think about so she was trying her best to put it aside until the time came where she had to worry about it. she wouldn't know exactly how she felt until she knew if he was changed or not. in the meanwhile, she was agreeing to go errands for her brother until he was better. she agreed to go to the ministry of magic to deliver some paperwork to markus: there were two things wrong with this. firstly she didn't like markus all that much, and the ministry was boring as fuck. sighing, she agreed to travel there, and making her way through the big hallways and upto his office she paused, looking into the room to see not markus, but a tall, dark and handsome man there instead. "why, hello" she greeted, peering over at the other man with a smile. "do you work with markus stark? i'm here to give these to him" she waved the paperwork around, peering around to see if she could find markus.

 Posted: Jul 9 2015, 09:20 PM


durmstrang alumni

user posted image

when christian norwood had laid out the terms of their agreement, they had sounded easy enough. in return for being broken out of azkaban and given a place to stay where he wouldn't be snapped back up by the ministry of magic, sebastian was supposed to spy on the stark family. he had no complaint about that - he had spent seven years in azkaban and didn't have an identity, there was no way he would be able to get a real job (not that he particularly wanted one) and so this little task gave him something to do with his newfound freedom. it was also beneficial for him, he was going to learn about the enemy before he officially took his place as the norwood heir. perhaps he could even find a way to have the stark family do the dirty work for him - they were not to know that he was related to the norwood family, which was easy enough. he didn't even need to change his name because the entire event at durmstrang had been kept under wraps by his uncle - the minister of magic. he hadn't wanted the entire wizarding world to know that his nephew was the psychopath that had gone on a killing spree at durmstrang and so the daily prophet had reported that it had been a muggleborn kid and it was that kid who faced trial while he was placed directly in azkaban. the starks wouldn't know who sebastian ivashkov was, aside from recognizing his prominent last name. his parentage was taken care of as well - lord ivashkov had had two sisters, his mother and another sister that had died at the age of thirty suspiciously. he was going to claim she was his mother and that he had been raised by his father in america. it was almost too easy to come up with a believable backstory, and the starks would certainly be interested in an alliance with his family. after all, having a connection with the minister of magic led to immense power.

so all he had to do was send a few threatening messages to keep them paranoid, find a way to listen in on their important conversations and perhaps get into a relationship with one of the girls so he could get an easy in to the family. it was all very simple - christian had shown him the stark family tree and there were so many branches that it would be easy to sneak his way into one of them. their heir was young as well, the same age as his half-brother and was far less clever - according to christian, of course. if benjamin stark could be easily swayed, perhaps he could even earn himself a position as one of his advisers. he could simultaneously spy on the starks for the norwoods, and place unrest in the starks about the norwoods. perhaps he could even convince them to retaliate on his dearest half-brother for pinning the murder of their shared father on their family. maybe he wouldn't even have to get his own hands dirty when it came to the eventual murder of christian norwood. all he needed was patience, he had learned his lesson about running into a plan recklessly. he had spent seven years in azkaban because he had jumped the gun, he didn't intend to do it again. so all he had to do was hang around at some political parties and meetings, keep his identity a secret and charm some stark girl to fall in love with him. it was fairly simple. but he had almost considered putting himself back in azkaban when christian mentioned that he had gotten him a job in the ministry of magic with markus stark. he was never meant to work in the ministry, it was the epitome of boring jobs. a face like his wasn't meant to be cooped up inside from nine to five - he deserved to be a model or a bartender or something that got mad chicks. but the norwood brat had been clear - if he didn't follow the instructions, he'd be back in azkaban before he could blink.

so he was in the ministry of magic, though he hadn't even met markus stark yet. thus far all he had been doing was paperwork, making sure everything was in order, signed and filed. weren't secretary jobs for chicks? christian had said that markus stark was the most reckless of the starks, the one that they couldn't predict. why was he working a boring job in the ministry like this? he could understand being a hit wizard, or in the death chamber. but international trade? what did an unpredictable psycho get out of a job like this? that was why he was incredibly glad to be interrupted, especially when he glanced up to see who had spoken to him. she was hot, dark hair and bronze skin, the sort of girl he would have flashed a smile at back when he was at durmstrang. he hadn't gotten laid since his escape and seven years was a long time to go without sex - especially because liliya had forced her lips against his and re-awoken the sex drive that he thought had died back in azkaban. she was young, but that didn't mean anything to him. he had spent the last seven years in a cell, he really hadn't lived at all. his life experience was probably at the same level as his new visitor, and that was what counted. age didn't matter when it came to two hot people fucking. but it was her greeting that struck his interest far more, her immediate asking for markus. was she a stark? he had assumed that the stark girls would be nothing impressive - neither of the norwood girls had been, and rich people tended to be chubby and less impressive because they could cost through life on their money so their appearances meant less. but he wouldn't mind getting cozy with this one. if she was a stark, perhaps he was already making his moves into the family. he hadn't expected it to be this fast. so rather than showing how frustrated he was to be locked up inside the ministry doing paperwork, or scowling a hello like he had to one of the other ministry officials earlier, he gave her a half smirk, making sure to make eye contact so she could get a glimpse of his baby blue eyes that drove the girls wild every time. "i've been told he works here, though he hadn't been in yet today." he replied. "isn't he lucky to have his wife dropping off his work for him." he spoke, treading carefully. it was an easy mistake that anyone could make, and an even better way to find out just who this mystery girl was. if she was already dating, there was no use in attempting to charm his way into the family through her.

 Posted: Jul 15 2015, 08:21 AM



i don't wanna know that, babe

amy wasn't like the rest of the starks, she was different; free and optimistic. she was a purist, yes but she often questioned the methods that some purebloods took to prove their point. to her they were no better than terrorists and dictators and in her mind, that didn't make thembetter it made them cruel. she didn't see how killing someoe proved that they were superior. it just made them look like cowards and bigots and amy didn't want to be that person. she personally didn't have a problem with halfbloods, it was just muggleborns and half-breeds that she felt uncomfortable with. she had been taught her whole life that muggles were stealing magic, so rather than killing them, amy thought that maybe there could be a way to take magic away from the muggleborns and send them away to live with muggles, but they shouldn't be magical, because that wasn't right. she was just not as terribly cruel as some purebloods and some starks. she was more understanding but still fierce and not something to be reckoned with. she sometimes could be childish and showed the fact that she had grown up spoiled, but she was a smart girl with her own aspirations and dreams and an agenda that she was determined to get done. a lot of people in her own family didn't take her seriously, and though sometimes that made her a little bit sad, amy had never been gunning to be respected by the starks. she wanted to do...something meaningful with her life. she still wasn't entirely sure what she wanted to do; maybe own her own small business, maybe work at wizengmots but there was something there for her that she didn't need her family for. the big thing for amy was being able to make her own choices. women had always been seen as powerful in her family. and because of that she refused to be used as a pawn in the pureblood tug of war. she wanted to be able to make her own decisions, make her own mistakes and not have someone breathing down her neck as she tried to do so. she wanted to be her own person, and luckily for her she felt like she finally reached an understanding with her brother on that one. she would not be put in an arranged marriage. she would not have her life decided for her. she was better than that, she was amelia stark.

with everything currently going on, all that amy could stand to feel was angry. it was a strange feeling because usually she liked to keep her anger inside of her because it was unladylike and not all that attractive to be fuming about and yelling at people. though this was a much different situation. she was terrified and angry; she felt betrayed by her family and people that were supposed to be friends. simon norwood was dead. though that was a blessing to the world, it hadn't been her grandfather that had killed him; amy knew it. of course she had no real proof of what had happened but she felt like the starks would have been prepped and made aware of something so serious happening to them. regulus being blamed for this meant that the stark family was basically being held hostage by the norwood family. it was a brilliant move but, amy didn't like feeling like she was under pressure and that she was being used as a pawn in a political scheme. she had enough of those with her father that she didn't want to feel like she was being blackmailed and had to tread lightly just because her last name was stark. she was a stark woman and she had power that the norwood women only dreamed of having, and she knew that she could make things happen if she wanted them to happen. christian norwood had their family wrapped around his stupid little finger and regulus was now sitting in azkaban for something that amy wasn't quite sure he had actually done. she just had a really bad gut feeling about it. she grew up a stark, she knew how they worked. just because she didn't always agree with the way that they did things didn't mean that she didn't understand. she wasn't stupid and she was definitely observant. she saw how her father and the rest of her family were walking lightly about all of this. benji was going to be in charge now, and though before she had thought that he was more than ready, she wasn't sure now. someone who was ready wouldn't be a huge fucking moron.

but he was injured and though she was agitated at her brother, she loved him and that wasn't something that amy was willing to stop doing just because of a stupid argument. she had to be loyal to her brother because as much as she wanted independence, she knew benji would and could protect her with everything that he had. she wanted to be her own woman but with the starks under attack right now, she felt like her brother was her security blanket. she only wished that being loyal to her brother didn't mean having to interact with markus. she loved her cousin, it was a stretch but they were family and she would be loyal to him in a fight but that didn't mean she had to like his pompous attitude and condescending remarks. he thought he was all that but amy thought he was just a hulking buffoon with a huge head on his tiny shoulders. though she didn't see markus and though that meant she likely would have to spend more time in the ministry, it also meant that maybe she could talk to this handsome man a little bit more. markus hadn't been in yet, surprise he was probably off doing something buffoon-like or moronic. whatever it was that those types of people did. "i should have come later, it was foolish of me to think he'd be responsible enough to show up on time to work" she snorted, before a look of both disgust and horror breached her soft features, and she shook her head, chuckling a little bit. "wife? oh merlin no, i'm his cousin, amy" she purred a little bit at the handsome man, placing the paperwork on the table before looking at the stack that was already there, batting her eyelashes at him. "if markus isn't here...i really should wait for him...be a gentleman and grab a coffee with me while i wait?" only amy could be smooth and brave enough to hit on an obviously older man, but she prepared herself for the rejection - it would just be fun if he agreed.

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