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    welcome to too young to die. we are an advanced post-potter site with a word count of 500 words. we accept both canon and original characters, so feel free to make whoever you want! please register with your character's first middle last, all in uppercase letters. if you have any questions, feel free to pop in the cbox and say hi! we don't bite - much.
    our current setting is
    august 2022
    2 july
    the activity check has ended and the ratios have been updated. current bans include: werewolves and twins. now that summer has officially begun, hogwarts boards have been moved to the archives and the boards have been hidden. some new boards have been created, so enjoy exploring these new places!
    3 may
    salem has been added to the list of available schools for people to make students from! as well, member groups of alumni of each school have been added as well, in preparation for graduation at the end of the month. the site month is now may and ratios have been updated. currently werewolves, seventh years and hogwarts alumni are banned.
    4 april
    the inactive threads have been moved, the inactive accounts deleted and the ratios updated. our ratios are evening out nicely, so our current bans are only on gryffindor students, werewolves and vampires
    2 april
    the otms are up! congratulations to the fabulous winners! also, we would like to remind everyone who has yet to save their characters that the activity check ends in three days!

    22 march
    an activity check was just posted! all posts from today (march 22) to april 5th will be accepted. make sure to post in the ac thread if you are deleting any characters!

    15 march
    it is now april on the site, and with a new season comes a new skin! as well, with the beginning of april comes out first site event in awhile: the wedding of christian norwood and chloe fontaine. only purists are welcome, but feel free to create your own threads within the board - there's a lot of drama that you aren't going to want to miss! as well, the ratios have been updated and we are currently looking for hufflepuffs, ravenclaws and males xoxo, tytd staff.

    15 february
    hello loves! the activity check is now over and the inactive accounts have been deleted. as well, any threads that haven't been replied to since jamuary 25th have been archived.

    after the activity check, the bans still remain on gryffindor and durmstrang students (for members that have two or more characters) we noticed while doing the ratios, that we really need: beaxbatons males, slytherin females and ravenclaws the sooner these character rations get higher, the sooner the band will be removed.

    if you have an idea for one of the banned characters, keep in mind that durmstrang students can have personalities that fit them in one of the hogwarts houses and gryffindor students can be in beauxbatons because there is no "personality" to a beauxbatons student.

    xoxoxo, tytd staff.

    4 february
    an activity check has been posted in the announcements board. all posts that meet the requirments from 25 january - 15 february will count.
    2 february
    the otms are up! congratulations to the winners!
    22 january
    the otm noms for this month are up! please go do your noms! try to nominate people who have been active this month! also, after updating the ratios, there is a new ban on durmstrang and gryffindor students. we really need the other houses to catch up! good luck everyone on the otms!!
    20 january
    if you haven't noticed yet, the rp month has moved to march 2022.
    9 december
    the otm's are up, congrats to the winners!!! i'd like to wish all of you college/university students good luck on your exams!!
    1 december
    the activity check is over. those who didn't save their accounts were deleted, including some registered accounts that were not used recently and never sorted. happy december!
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    >cadence tremlett
    christian norwood
    declan lynch
    jacqueline rousseau
    niklaus stanek
    noor baudelaire
    quentin valentino
    richard gansey III
    royal skeeter
    sebastian ivashkov

    aria lancaster
    carter disney
    emmeline rousseau
    evander force
    ezekiel ollinston
    jasper monroe
    leighton stark
    maxim petrova
    remington sylvester
    taylor wagtail

    amelia stark
    brenden gallagher
    chloé fontaine
    cillian connelly
    felice rousseau
    graham sullivan
    harriet crumb
    madeline carmichael
    maverick corrigan
    naomi ollinston
    nathalie ostergard
    nathan tremlett
    phoebe kendrick
    thibault idoni
    wren norwood
    zooey vasques
    viola clemens
    bennett force
    parker thruston
    harriet crub
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 Posted: Oct 24 2013, 01:35 PM





cadence aria tremlett ▲ gryffindor ▲ seventh
christian blake norwood ▲ durmstrang alumni ▲ nineteen
declan murphy lynch ▲ beauxbatons ▲ seventh
fiona lauren gallagher ▲ salem dropout ▲ seventeen
isaac day wintringham ▲ ravenclaw alumni ▲ eighteen
jacqueline michele rousseau ▲ ravenclaw ▲ seventh
niklaus aleksy stanek ▲ dumstrang ▲ seventh
noor cordelia baudelaire ▲ salem ▲ seventh
quentin gaston valentino ▲ beauxbatons alumni ▲ eighteen
richard campbell gansey III ▲ gryffindor ▲ seventh
royal meredith force ▲ salem▲ seventh
sebastian ivanovich ivashkov ▲ dropout ▲ twenty-four


amelia holly stark ▲ gryffindor ▲ seventh
brenden phillip gallagher ▲ salem ▲ seventh
chloé marie fontaine ▲ beauxbatons alumni ▲ 18
cillian james connelly ▲ slytherin ▲ sixth
felice mae rousseau ▲ beauxbatons alumi ▲ 22
graham elliot sullivan ▲ salem ▲ seventh
harriet emilia crumb ▲ ravenclaw ▲ seventh
madeline rae carmichael ▲ hufflepuff ▲ seventh
maverick grayson corigan ▲ hufflepuff ▲ seventh
naomi faith ollinston ▲ slytherin ▲ seventh
nathalie frieda ostergard ▲ durmstrang ▲ seventh
nathan donaghan tremlett ▲ gryffindor alumni ▲ 18
thibault adrien idoni▲ beauxbatons alumni ▲ 18
wren elijah norwood ▲ durmstrang alumni ▲ 19
zooey louisa vasques ▲ beauxbatons ▲ seventh


carter alison disney ▲ salem ▲ seventh
emmeline delanee rousseau ▲ hufflepuff ▲ sixth
evander ezra force ▲ salem ▲ sixth
ezekiel james ollinston ▲ slytherin ▲ seventh ▲ werewolf
gillian mackenzie barbary ▲beauxbatons ▲ seventh
jasper quinn monroe ▲ ravenclaw alumni ▲ hit wizard
leighton acacia stark ▲ beauxbatons alumni ▲ trainee healer
maxim nikolayevich petrova ▲durmstrang alumni ▲ potioneer
remington gabriele sylvester ▲ gryffindor ▲ sixth



aurora mina goyle ▲ durmstrang alumni ▲ 18
benjamin radulf stark ▲ slytherin alumni ▲ 18
bennett bryant force ▲ salem▲ seventh
blair aurélie beaumony ▲ beauxbatons alum ▲ unemployed
[i]delaney quinn buchanan ▲ ravenclaw ▲ seventh
elise anniken lothbrok ▲ durmstrang alumni ▲ 18
evangeline marie rousseau ▲ ravenclaw alumni ▲ 18
ivar jörgen ostergard ▲ durmstrang ▲ seventh
paisley elizabeth norwood ▲ durmstrang ▲ seventh
parker othello thruston ▲ beauxbatons alumni ▲ 18
roman grant sylvester ▲ gryffindor alumni ▲ 18
xavier easton stark ▲ durmstrang alumni ▲ professor


edith louise wiles ▲ adult ▲ librarian


adrien jean rousseau ▲ adult ▲ quidditch player
asha tatiana kovachev ▲ durmstrang ▲ seventh
calliope helena toews ▲ salem ▲ seventh
carmen sara coote ▲ gryffindor ▲ sixth
dominic kaine corrigan ▲ adult ▲
james sirius potter ▲ adult ▲ cursebreaker
jordan emmett gallagher ▲ adult ▲ auror
jude elias wintringham ▲ adult ▲ lead singer
kenneth khristolf force ▲ salem ▲ seventh
macey loren monroe ▲ ravenclaw ▲ sixth
matias catorus worthington ▲ durmstrang alum▲ professional hitman
nadezhda valentina krum ▲ beauxbatons ▲ seventh
olivia frejya petrova ▲ beauxbatons ▲ sixth
tabitha malia brown ▲ gryffindor alumni ▲ 18


cedric samuel jansen ▲ beauxbatons alumni ▲ 18
khris viktor krum ▲ durmstrang alumni ▲ 18
markus edward stark ▲ adult ▲ international magic trading standards body
ryan eli corrigan ▲ gryffindor ▲ seventh


cascadia abrielle diantha ▲ beauxbatons ▲ seventh
emerson anatole devereux ▲ adult ▲ comc professor & flying instructor
jax xavier corrigan ▲ slytherin ▲ sixth
liliya elizaveta alkaeva ▲ adult ▲ wizengamont/ambassador
mercia livia cavendish ▲ salem ▲ seventh
victoire apolline weasley ▲ adult ▲ photographer & magizoologist


beau caleb coultier ▲ slytherin alumni ▲ 18
lailah marie ollinston ▲ hufflepuff ▲ seventh
oliver edward longbottom ▲ hufflepuff ▲ seventh
sage isabella norwood ▲ durmstrang ▲ seventh


kiran karolin bloom ▲durmstrang ▲ seventh


kaylee emmaline monroe ▲ hufflepuff ▲ fifth


ashley richard evans ▲ salem ▲ seventh
eliot archer brown ▲ adult ▲ transfiguration professor at hogwarts
felicity nera stark ▲ beauxbatons ▲ sixth
franklin isaac longbottom ▲ adult ▲ apprentice at london's magical zoo and wildlife rescue center
viola calla clemens ▲ salem ▲ seventh


frederick leeo weasley ▲ hogwarts alumni ▲ eighteen


albus severus potter ▲ ravenclaw ▲ seventh
eileen mackenzie wood ▲ gryffindor alumni ▲ 18
macon leslie stark ▲ ravenclaw ▲ seventh
margaret eliza gallagher ▲ salem ▲ sixth
patrick bently o'malley ▲ gyrffindor alumni ▲ 18
ramona myra wintringham ▲ slytherin ▲ sixth
sampson wallace abernathy ▲ beauxbatons ▲ seventh
uriah silas graves ▲ durmstrang ▲ seventh


<div style="text-align: center; font-family: 'homenaje'; color: #D13838; font-weight: normal; text-transform: uppercase; font-size: 20px; padding-bottom: 10px;"> alias </div><br>[i]
first middle last ▲ house/adult ▲ year/job<br>
first middle last ▲ house/adult ▲ year/job<br>
first middle last ▲ house/adult ▲ year/job<br>
first middle last ▲ house/adult ▲ year/job<br>
 Posted: Aug 10 2015, 09:13 PM



grace elizabeth harper ▲ slytherin▲ seventh<br>
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