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 strange craving for avocados, ryan's requests [0/4]
 Posted: Aug 15 2015, 06:40 PM


hogwarts alumni

pb: madison pettis
17 // gryffindor // spitfire

There might not have been a more appropriate sorting (ever!) than Roxy into Gryffindor. Well done, hat. Well done. This may well be due to the fact that she is like the personification of an actual lion - complete with wild mane. She's an absolute firecracker; wild, loud, prideful, outspoken, rambunctious, and simultaneous fiercely independent & tight-knit with her pride. Roxy's the rebel of the family, but more so in the sense that she's not going to let anyone else tell her who she is or how she should be. Very much her father's daughter, the prankster gene flashed prominently in this one.

Freddie's sister is one of his best friends; she begrudges that he's the same for her a bit more than he does, but that's siblings for you. She is essential balance in his life - the yin to his yang in certain aspects of life (though they tend to trade off on who is the light and who is the shade by situation). I've watched her portrayed on other sites in many ways: Flashy fashionista, avant garde pack leader, retro-punk rebel, straight, gay, pan... just embrace that she's flush with confidence, independent spirit, and cocksuredness then have fun making her your own. Play-by is largely open; though I'll admit to being fond of the idea of her having big, wild hair as a defining physical characteristic.

PB: Blake Jenner
18-19 // gryffindor alum // blunted edge

The sort of reformed party boy who can be prone to relapse. This is Freddie bosom buddy in the sense that they were labelled "The Ambiguously Gay Duo" behind their backs by a number of particularly snide Slytherins in their year and older, due to them being everywhere together. The two were roommates all their years at Hogwarts. He's a former beater - very much with a beater's build - for the Gryffindor house team and generally smarter than he's let on in the past. -------- has harbored insecurities and a compulsive need to fit in, which are where his vices stem from as well as a prior habit of playing aloof with his studies so as to come off "cooler" and "less of a nerd."

Name is wide open, I'm just throwing Macmillan out there because he was an easy fit for the right age and house. Other things like job, sexuality (if you want to make him gay, I'm all for the plot twist), status, etc. are all up to the player. If/when Freddie finally grows a pair and tells his father that he doesn't want to make a career of running the family business, I wouldn't mind seeing these two become flatmates. Unless you absolutely have to, I'd appreciate the PB being kept if only because of the awesome photo/gif-ability of Jenner with Freddie's pb (Jacob Artist).

-------- MACMILLAN
PB: Raina Lawson
17-20 // hogwarts alum // unlikely femme fatale

This one's complicated. Cleo was, for a time, a very positive influence on Freddie. She was who he would sneak away and jam with; and she would finally drag his singing voice out of him, even when he was subconscious about it. Cleo is also responsible for inspiring and stoking the desire in Freddie to travel and see the world - to just pick up and play street corners in different cities, making just enough to pay for food, lodging, and the next train ticket. Cleo is a remarkable singer - in no small part due to being partially Veela - with a lot of ambition that she doesn't readily show to others. She's not conniving or malicious, but at the same time she has a profound way of justifying some less-than-honorable means to getting what she desires.

Cleo is the closest thing Freddie has ever had to a (now-ex) girlfriend, though really he was one of a number of guys she'd flit between because while she decidedly did like each one for their time, she also came to eventually see each one as more a tether to her true love (her own success) than anything else. She still pops in and out of Freddie's life, much to the chagrin of his sister, cousins, and his other close friends. And ultimately she's the muse for why he has a bad habit of falling for the wrong kind of girl. PB is flexible, though I will say that "more cute than hot" and more on the innocent-looking side is a pre-requisite, as that's very much Freddie's "type" and she was the type-setter.

CLEO/KLEO ---------
PB: Alycia Debnam-Carey
16-18 // Open // the glowing ember

Basically, this is Freddie's final pairing. Fair warning to anyone considering this, I'm envisioning it taking him a while to get it through his thick skull that she is "the one," and anticipate a lot of posting between the two that creates angst in the audience and frustrating at the fact that they're perfect for each other but are taking forever to actually end up together. There's a certain quirky but strangely alluring social-awkwardness to her. And yet, she's a bit of a motor-mouth. She is quite liberal when it comes to magical politics, relationships with Muggles, with the one distinction of being a diehard omnivore/carnivore. You'd have to put the Imperius curse on her to get her to give up or even share her steak.

There's really a lot left open here because while I do like having a conceptual final for my characters, I'm also a fan of letting certain things grow organically through the posting. So I want to actually be surprised and have the opportunity to learn about this character as Freddie does. Feel free to make her American and have the Weasleys end up as her host family, if you like; could be a good jumping-off point. While the PB isn't concrete, I would ask that, again, the fc be "more cute than hot" and in this case either redhead or reddish-blonde; if only because I like the simple irony of the only non-Weasley looking Weasleys eventually breeding with Weasley-looking non-Weasleys to create new Weasleys that might look more Weasley-ish. If you follow...

-------- -----------------
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