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 a little insight, declan
 Posted: Aug 5 2015, 09:09 PM



user posted image

It happened more than Olivia would have liked it to. She was sucked into someone else's worst nightmare as it became animated to them both. Olivia couldn't shake someone's hand or hold their hand without having their worst nightmare appear to her in a sudden chaotic whirlwind, plagued by their worst fear and living it out with them. She'd reached over across a table in the Hog's Head, needing a bottle of sauce after asking politely and taking as hers. There was a person either passing by or grabbing the bottle for her, she couldn't remember, but either way she touched their hand long enough to accompany them into their worst nightmare. Declan Lynch. She knew him by name but nothing more. In the real, physical, tangible world, Olivia went still. Her eyes became dazed and her jaw went slack, her lips slowly parting, and she looked at the wall like she was embarking in a staring contest with it.

In the world of nightmares, Olivia was sitting in a chair opposite Declan. He sat in a straight jacket, the light above him buzzing and crackling. The room was musty and damp, and Olivia could swear a lullaby was being hummed from somewhere in the distance. She blinked, and Declan was gone. She felt her arms tighten, looking down to see herself in the jacket, rocking back and forth and screaming as doctors came in to sedate her. Olivia didn't want to scream; she wanted out. Nobody was going to help her despite her best efforts, and she writhed around in the chair, vision blurring from the tears, screaming until her lungs gave out. A prick in her arm suggested to her that she was being sedated, and everything blurred as people's lives flashed in her eyes. Not Declan's experiences; she resolved that he didn't know all of the people and their strange lives. They were memories, or dreams, of other people.

Olivia retracted her hand and gasped in air like she'd been drowning. She was tearing up and blinked away the tears so she couldn't look childish for crying for no reason in the middle of a pub. Olivia focused on controlling her breathing and filling her lungs with much-needed oxygen. "You're one too, aren't you?" Olivia asked breathlessly, peering up at Declan with bewilderment, lifting a hand to wipe away fallen tears, hoping nobody had seen the event that unfolded randomly between the two of them.

 Posted: Aug 7 2015, 12:20 PM



user posted image

the problem was his ability was the fact that he didn't understand it. all his life he had assumed it was a seer ability, not knowing how else to classify it. but he had never heard of anyone else like him, catching dreams when people delved into sleep. he had researched seers before, wanting to know if that was what he was and it seemed so, but there weren't any references to people who just dragged into dreams. usually it was more than that, a touch had to prompt it for most seers and he had never heard of anyone seeing dreams. it was the strangeness of his ability that had him frightened of it because he didn't understand it. what if a dream could be so bad that it could disable him for longer than the nightmares of his peers? while declan never acted as though he was afraid of anything, his largest fear was that the ability was going to send him into madness. after all, how many imaginary monsters could someone see before they began thinking they were real? there were already things that he had seen that he never wanted to remember, nightmares of other people that had left him sweating and shaking when he was pulled out of them. he didn't know if one day one was going to disable him into a coma, or send him to an insane asylum or perhaps even kill him. he knew that the dreams were just dreams, but he didn't know what happened if he died in them. was that it for him? the dreamer never seemed to notice him watching, but that didn't mean that the monsters didn't. there was so much mystery surrounding the ability, so many unknowns.

he wasn't a frequent pub crawler but he liked being around drunkards because they didn't fall asleep, they passed out. so he was at the hogs head, just getting fries to snack on so he could sit in the corner and try and catch a few moments of sleep before having to go back to his house, back where there was nowhere where he could be far enough from his father and his brothers' dreams. he reached for the ketchup, his hand brushing a girl's, not paying much attention until a few moments later she spoke, breathless. he looked at her in confusion, wondering what she was talking about. she was probably drunk. "what?" was all he said, his voice toneless. he had never been one for dealing with drunk people.

 Posted: Aug 15 2015, 09:39 AM



user posted image

Olivia couldn't register whether the boy in front of her was a Seer and didn't like to confide in people his gift, or if he was a Seer and was disgruntled that he had to share the ability with other people. Whether he be shy or ignorant was to be explored, but Olivia was still regaining her stability and her footing on reality, blinking away the remnants of the nightmare. It would surely haunt her later to be consumed by her own ability and to be locked away for being mentally unstable. Her mind had never drifted to that possibility before, and it horrified her to create that thought in her mind. Nobody could go mentally insane from being a Seer, could they? The nightmare became a rational fear and something she insisted on exploring and researching at a later time, but for now she had things to question the boy on.

His lack of tone gave her minimal to work with, and Olivia tried to word her sentences around the presumption that he knew about it but chose not to discuss it with people. It would be difficult to explain it to every person so that they understood every nook and cranny of the Seer ability. Everyone had something different, the gene twisting and morphing between generations just like Olivia's ability seemed to differ from the boy's. "Your ability. Seeing dreams. Thinking you're going crazy from it. I saw it when I touched you." Olivia explained under her breath, her eyebrows beginning to crease in between when she looked at him. It was an awkward and slightly nerve-wracking to speak to someone about something that they might not feel comfortable with; she doubted she'd feel all too pleased if someone called her out on something she didn't yet come to terms with or want. "I wouldn't worry about it, though. If either of us will end up in a crazy place, it'll be me." Olivia attempted to play coy about the situation when her mind was racing with vivid thoughts on how she could end up going mad over her Seer ability.Talk about a mood ruiner.

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