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 empty gold, dev + zeke + eremiel
 Posted: Aug 9 2015, 05:07 PM



user posted image

The only thing Devan could see when she closed her eyes now were separate pieces of her mom that had been all over the house. That had been about 72 hours ago. She was on suicide watch.She wasn’t sure she’d moved in the past 3 days. After everything had transpired and she’d finished freaking out she had cried and screamed and blacked out a tad only to find herself suddenly comatose. In the fetal position in her room, back to the door, senses off. She could only register when someone was in the room let alone talking to her when they walked directly up to her. She hadn’t laid eyes on a single one of her siblings in days. She couldn’t do it. Everything ached. Her throat was scratchy, her eyes were red rimmed, her heart continuously beat at a rapid pace and she had hardly gotten any sleep. Her mother was dead. And it was entirely her fault.

Anabeth Tremaine. 35 years old. She’d lived in the Corrigan Compound like every other Tremaine had for a century. She’d watched after them. She’d taught Devan had to care for them. She’d loved them. And she’d known the risks of associating with them. For raising her daughter in this kind of environment. But nothing like this had ever happened. At least not in recent memory. This had been retaliation of the most brutal sort. Her mother had been massacred. Not painless. Not quick like the Ollinston that had been killed last month. No this was meticulous. Probably excruciating. If Devan could cry more tears for that thought alone she would but nothing was coming to her anymore. Her mind was empty. Her gut had felt like it’d been wrenched out. They said it took murder to tear a soul in half to make a horcrux but Devan was pretty sure hers was now in pieces and she’d never managed to kill anyone in her entire life.

It’d been 72 hours and Devan rolled over in her bed. Darkness. She had no clue what time it was but judging by the cold burger and french fries and flat soda at her bedside, it was well past dinner. And then something clicked. Revenge. It seemed to be the theme amongst the lot of them now. She stood up from her bed like a zombie. Stiff and rigid. And then she listened, finally letting her senses stretch out. Even breathing all around. The Compound was sleeping. She wasn’t sure how or really what prompted her to jump from her second story window and land with relative ease to the ground below before making her way towards the lake. There was no telling why she’d gotten the notion that walking through the woods for 20 minutes until she came upon the Ollinston Mansion to confront their elder and kill him in return was a good idea. But now here she was. In their kitchen. She knew she smelled something rank so she’d have to be quick. Grabbing a kitchen knife, she began to lurk. She’d never been in here before. Unlike her counterparts, she didn’t bust up parties for no apparent reason other than to start shit. But with a quick breaking of the glass and opening the door for herself she’d found herself here and now she was lurking about, brandishing the weapon.

A light was on. She didn’t care who it was. Someone in this house was dying tonight. Even if it was her. She deserved it. The door was slightly ajar and she managed to wiggle her frame in without causing the door to creak. A fire blazed and she only glanced around momentarily before registering where she was. Study. And whoever was in the seat had their back to her. There was only a moment of hesitation. A brief pause where she snapped back to reality and wondered what the hell she was doing. But in that moment her eyes closed and she saw her mothers dead face staring back up at her and she found her resolve. The knife whipped around the chair, against the persons throat. She recognized him immediately. She’d gotten lucky. It was their leader after all. ”You ready to die you son of a bitch."

 Posted: Aug 9 2015, 05:08 PM



user posted image

time felt as if it had paused for eremiel.

ever since his children had returned back to the manor after the full moon had passed with ezekiel and adriel coated in blood that was not their own, time had stopped. he’d known of their plan for a solid month now, but he had never fully expected for the two to follow through with it. ezekiel was smart and had the skills to run as fully functional leader (exactly why he was the alpha of the pack), but he never would have tagged him to be a murderer by hand. especially not with adriel by his side. the boy was supposed to be the little voice in his head when things went a ry since he knew that zeke tended to be a little reckless when he got emotionally involved and all of the emotion had been put into tonight. ever since anna had been killed by one of the corrigan’s, he’d been a little off. he could see it every time that he caught a glimpse of his face before he rushed back up to his room for the day. he’d been distant to everyone and planning behind everyones back. he wouldn’t let anyone in on what he was up to - besides him of course because he was his father and still technically over ranked him on principle. he knew that he wanted to show them all that they could still follow him without expecting him to be outright reckless and without him putting everyone up as a sacrifice and not even caring about it each time that they encountered the corrigan’s. he wanted to regain what he’d lost in their eyes and he was more than okay with that. what he wasn’t okay with, however, was how he’d chosen to do it. he didn’t care about the corrigan’s dying, didn’t even care about him killing someone, it was the person that they had decided to murder.

annabeth tremaine was a past time affair. she’d come in a moment of when he’d been vulnerable and weak and stuck in the black hole that his life had turned out to be. he’d wanted things to be different - wanted his entire life so far to be different honestly. one that wasn’t full of war and blood shed and hurtful changes every full moon cycle. one where he was actually happy. and she’d brought that to him in the time that she’d been around. she had been the one to put a smile on his face and to make him feel good about everything that he had no control over and even those that he did. he’d seen himself with her for the rest of his days, but it had been unrealistic to think that way. she was human and a corrigan by association despite her last name differing from that curse of one. he was supposed to despise her, supposed to want to rip her head from her shoulders, but she was just so damn captivating that he couldn’t. he couldn’t hate her nor want to kill her. he’d wanted to love her, to care for her, and those things were vastly different. just as she herself was different. she wasn’t like his wife, wasn’t even like the women that he’d come into contact with beforehand. she was sweet and gentle and had a smile that was capable of dissipating the darkness that was inside his heart. yet a person like him wasn’t supposed to have that and after a year and a half of sneaking away with her, he’d realized that. he’d realized that all of it was fake, that he was being ridiculous, that his place wasn’t with her, but instead with his wife and his children. so he’d left and she’d turned from the girl that he’d been head over heels for to the one who had got away.

and now she was dead.

she hadn’t deserved that death because he could only imagine what they had done to her. his children were ruthless, particularly the two that had went out on the mission, and since she was a corrigan, he knew that it had to be gruesome. he’d meant to go out and see for himself what had been done, but he couldn’t do it. especially not when he’d saw how much blood had been on the two when they’d returned. he didn’t want to remember how shredded she’d be as his last memory of her. he wanted to remember the woman that was strong and capable of making even the most miserable guy on the planet happy. so he’d stayed home and had locked himself away in his study. the kids hadn’t bothered him and instead went to sleep and the only person to come in had been abby to tell him goodnight. he’d told her that he’d be up shortly, but that had to be three hours or so ago. he couldn’t move from his chair and he certainly couldn’t keep his eyes off of the picture in his hand. it was old and had a few crinkles in it, but it was the last thing that he had to remember the woman that he loved. he’d taken it when he’d taken her away on a trip for a weekend, having told abby that he’d had business to attend to so she wouldn’t come looking, and he’d kept it ever since. and he was glad that he had. with him having been too swept up in his emotions and his grief, he hadn’t even sensed the intruder in his home, let alone when she turned up behind him. he’d barely caught a sniff of her scent before he’d felt the cool metal of a knife to his throat. he recognized the voice, even recognized how she smelled. devan. ”i’m surprised that it took you this long to come,” he told her, not even bothering to try and move away from the knife, ”though i would hope that you would give me a moment to speak to you before you go about killing me.”

 Posted: Aug 9 2015, 05:09 PM



user posted image

She could hear the blood pumping in her ears but rather than push that anxiety and uncertainty away, Devan latched onto it with a fierce intensity. It would be the only thing to get her through this. To shove away all reason and resolve and any form of decision making and just go for it. Her mom was already dead and if she died, Ryan would take over as pack leader. End of story. The Corrigans had nothing to lose with her death except a few tears. They’d get over it. And her? Well if she didn’t make it out of this alive she wouldn’t know the difference anymore. Because Devan Corrigan no longer could believe in a higher power. No one was this cruel and if their was a god then he could shove it up his ass. All hope was lost. At least, hers was. So what did she really have to lose from being in her enemies house? She had everything to gain. Satisfaction over murdering one of theres. The peace and tranquility that would come with potentially loosing her own life. She had no doubts that tonight would be life altering or life ending. There was no in between. Surely he heard her coming. Her maybe he was just still tired from the past full moon. He was old after all but he should’ve been a bit more prepped than this. After all, Devan had hardly gotten any proper sleep, hadn’t eaten in days, her limbs were still sore and she’d managed enough to get over here to cause havoc and maybe,. Why had he not smelled her coming from a mile away? She didn’t want to focus on that just then. She wouldn’t and she couldn’t even if she had the time to spare on it.

The knife was at his throat. One minute she’d been at the entrance and now with a steady hand she had a knife to a mans throat and she had every intention on slicing him open. She should’ve just done it and left no room for him to speak but she wanted him to know why. Why she’d come in the middle of the night to end his life. That or the life of the first Ollinston she so happened to stumble across. Or else it would mean nothing. She wanted to see their reaction when the person saw it was Devan Corrigan and then the realization that their death would be at her hands for what they had done. Or else it wouldn’t count. ”Had a lot of blood to clean up and a lot of soul searching to do. I’m sure you know how that is. I mean, we did kill that whore of a child that idiot Ezekiel brought to our house. Bringing a knife to a gun fight. Pathetic,” she snarled, the words seeping out of her like poison. Pain and suffering. That’s all she wanted to unleash on the Ollinston household tonight. More pain and more suffering. So they’d learn not to mess with her pack ever again whether she was there to see to it or not. She kept the knife poised and watched his every little moment. Every breath she watched with a calculated eye. She was in the zone. And then she was moving from around the couch to face him. To look this leader in the eye. Alpha to alpha in their own way.

Nothing registered on her face. No spark of recognition or curiosity at the fact that he seemed perfectly aware of who she was and why she was here. She knew a little about him, had seen him on a few hellacious full moon nights when they’d all gotten to fighting in the woods. Maybe if she had recognized the man for what he was she might’ve dropped the knife and reconsidered her position. But she didn’t. She saw him as less than human, less than wolf, less that a breathing thing deserved to be called. ”Did they give my mother last words before they took her arm and dangled it from the balcony?..I wonder…I guess we’ll never know but I’m curious. Say what you have to say and then I’m digging this knife so far into your throat it’ll pin you to the couch…and you don’t want to know what’s going to happen to the other pieces of you after that,” she muttered darkly. This wasn’t Devan. That much was obvious. This was the side of her that commanded respect and power and it was mingled with depression and it had reared it’s hungry out to come to play. Her inner demons were out for the world to see. And there wasn’t anything that was going to stop her.

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