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 wildest dreams, olivia
 Posted: Aug 13 2015, 11:50 AM



standing in a nice dress, staring at the sunset

phoebe liked back to school shopping. usually she had he mother hovering over her every five seconds when she went out in public, the graying woman terrified of her only child stumbling and hurting herself because she was blind and couldn't see. phoebe didn't particularly care about that, she had been born without sight and she learned very easily to adapt to it. when she was a young child, the healers couldn't figure out why it was that she was blind - it didn't seem to be a defect and it wasn't fixable which was strange to them because usually the healers could fix things that were not caused my magical means. it wasn't until she turned seven and she hugged her mother, and was flooded with the visions of the room around her and her mother let out a frightened yelp because her own sight had been taken from her that they pieced together what was going on with young phoebe. she recoiled from her mother and momentarily her visions returned and phoebe was again blind. her father had freaked out, believing his daughter to be a freak and blaming himself because he was a pureblooded wizard so he must have had a faulty gene somewhere. phoebe and her mother though looked at it as a gift, something positive. when she touched people she saw the world how they did, feeling their emotions at the current moment and allowing her to get glimpses at the world. she got to see the blue sky and the stars and to look at her mother's face; noticing the beauty in the older woman as the wrinkles around her eyes formed into a happy smile. she noticed the beauty in all the small things in life and she rarely took things for granted. it was easy to, she could see how when a person looks at grass every day the reason it would get boring, but phoebe only rarely got to see the grass and the sky and the sun, so she soaked it in every chance that she got.

just because she couldn't see, didn't mean she didn't try to look good for other people. her mother had raised her to be a proper lady, to say please and thank you and to nod and curtsey when appropriate. she was supposed to be presentable at all times because you never knew who you were going to run in to. she often wore dresses and did her hair, putting on a minimal amount of makeup so that she didn't look like a floozy and give off the wrong impression. she knew that lost of people took appearances as the only thing that mattered, and though phoebe did no look at it that way, she liked to make sure people weren't talking about her behind her back and making insensitive comments. she was a kind girl,always keeping negativity to herself and only really getting angry when someone pushed her too far. she spent a lot of her free time knitting or baking because they were hobbies that made her calm and kept her from getting hurt (mostly to please her mother). she had spells and charms to help er stay safe when doing things the oftentimes required sight from people who weren't disabled. she liked to make cupcakes and brownies and give some of them to the house elves and the younger students. she loved children and playing with them, she was pretty sure that's what she wanted to do when she got older. opening a daycare or something along those lines. it would be perfect for her, as long as people didn't mind the fact that she was blind.

it was a warm day in hogsmeade, phoebe could feel the hot august sun against her olive skin as she made her way through the cobblestone streets. she had an active charm that prevented her from bumping into other people. she was on the lookout for a few things, the sweet's shop and a shop to get some new robes before she went back to school in september. school was only a little less than a month away from starting and she was excited, as she always was at the beginning of a new school year. last year the beauxbatons and durmstrang students had joined them, and this year it was salem. her mother had decided that it was best to back out of the excahnge, thinking having a disabled daughter would put a damper on things. that was alright, she would be able to befriend them as school started again. making her way towards a shop. she pondered, wondering if it was the sweet's shop that she was originally looking for. taking a deep breath, she did what she always did when she needed assistance, she asked someone. reaching out and gingerly tapping the person closest to her on the shoulder. "um, hello...is this the sweet's shop?" she asked, her light voice ringing but a skind smile appearing on her face.

 Posted: Aug 15 2015, 08:15 AM



user posted image
"Can we get you this, Olivia? It seems like it might be a little more.. fashionable for Hogwarts." Olivia's mother's voice chimed in as she tried for the hundredth time to put Olivia in a dress. Olivia suspected that her mother had a fear deep down. one she would never speak on, of Olivia becoming a lesbian. She admittedly gave her parents enough cause for concern on a superficial level by dressing in a more comfortable and less stylish manner, never doing her hair or makeup int he way feminine girls did, and by talking more about sports than parties. Olivia wasn't a lesbian, she'd decided that fully by her Third Year of school. Granted her parents didn't see into her mind in the way that Olivia saw into the nightmares and worst fears of other people, they didn't know what she thought or who she liked because she never expressed it and never defied their doubts in her by bringing a guy home. Olivia never had a guy to bring home aside from friends on the Quidditch teams that she learned to talk to in the past year, and some of those had graduated. It was hopeless to bother answering so she eventually nodded and allowed her mother a tiny glimpse of happiness in knowing her daughter wasn't a full tomboy and would grow up and love a man. Olivia probably wouldn't wear it and would return the dress when her mother wasn't looking, putting the money back in her mother's purse. It was what she typically did when anyone wasted their money on dresses for her.

With that, Olivia's mother purchased the dress and told Olivia that she was leaving for something. Olivia was half paying attention, her eyes set on the Quidditch store and buying new boots for the upcoming season. She was Captain and Seeker and therefore had to be on top of her game. Once her mother was at enough of a distance for Olivia not to be seen with ease and clearly, Olivia ran into the Quidditch shop, eyeing the boots hungrily. She needed boots that would strap up at the ankles and a little above that, and chose with a professional eye until a tenant of the shop was able to help her. Olivia got fitted for boots that weren't too tight nor too loose, and were light enough for her to kick off without trouble. They were perfect. She paid for them and carried them proudly out of the store, envisioning the greatness she could possess with such boots, as though they themselves held the power of a superb Quidditch player.

Olivia thought of pausing her shopping on her own, already exhausted of the ability to decide between things and spend money on herself when she could save it for a later date, when she truly needed something instead of when her mother thought of dolling her up in things she'd never wear. She put one foot in front of the other, her bag from the Quidditch shop under arm and swinging lazily in unison with her footsteps. On her way she was tapped in the shoulder and abruptly halted, turning to meet eyes first with the finger and then with the person that it belonged to. "Phoebe! Hey." Olivia greeted, elated but unable to mask the ample shock in her tone. She turned, distracted from her path to the tea shop to get something cold, listening to Phoebe's question. "Yes it is. Would you like a tour? I think I know exactly where my favourite things are, which means they're your favourite too, right?" Olivia asked with a smile, hooking her free arm into Phoebe's, guiding her in at the pace that Phoebe wanted. There was no rush to get through Honeydukes when the options had broadened considerably in the duration of the summer. "Watch your step right... here." Olivia stated, carefully guiding her friend while attempting not to touch Phoebe too close given both of their abilities.

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