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 Time to Get A Little Crazy, OPEN
Khris Viktor Krum
 Posted: Jul 26 2015, 09:19 PM


durmstrang alumni

user posted image

The Quidditch World Cup was in full swing and it seemed that everyone had a stake in each and every match played. Call it nationalistic pride or a way to pass the time, the bottom line was everyone seemed to be extremely interested in the outcome of the games. Something like this only happened every four years and it was rare that it was close to home. People had all this pent up energy that only came out every four years and by all means it was contagious. Even if someone didn't particularly care about Quidditch they were there cheering on their country, drinking beers with mates, and chanting their country's national anthem with pride. For the players, it was a chance to do their country proud, a chance to showcase their talent, and a chance to get the glory that most players could only dream about. This was their chance. This was their one shot...well at least it was for everyone but Khris Krum.

By the age of eighteen, Khris had been given countless shots. He played a stellar game and got away with too much. To all those concerned, Khris Krum was living the dream. He was the youngest player in the entire tournament--a prodigy born from Quidditch royalty. When other kids his age were barely getting their apparation licences he was choosing which professional team he would sign with, doing countless interviews, and being named to the starting lineup of the Bulgarian national team. It was so perfect it should have been scripted...except it wasn't perfect, at least not for him. Khris had become prolific in his teenage years, playing for the youth national squads, and being touted as the best unsigned player in the world. With the help of his father he was being courted by at least ten teams from various leagues at any given time. He was used to the pressure and even more used to being poked and proded for being a Krum. The World Cup was almost old hat for him at this point. When he hadn't played he was seated at every one of them for the last decade. So perhaps he was tired of it all...or perhaps the "Bulgarian bad boy" was simply bored.

Khris wasn't so much interested in the games as he was interested in the parties after the games. Sure, he was one of the most competitive people alive, but his love-hate relationship with the sport had pushed him towards resenting much of the spectacle. His father had paraded him around like a monkey in a three ringed circus to the point where all he wanted to do was rebel. He was a wild child. He always needed to be the center of attention and have a good time. As long as he produced on the pitch no one really had the authority to stop him and if it pissed his dad off more then he was better for it. Right now all he wanted to do was not talk about Quidditch for one minute. He had managed to duck his handlers who had basically turned into prison guards for him, making sure that he didn't get up to any trouble. He guessed that the Bugarian Quidditch Association had finally found a brain and realized that they needed to keep tabs on the party-hardy beater. Giving them the shake had been a bit harder than he thought but he had managed and now he was free to do whatever he pleased.

He knew exactly where he wanted to go. Apparating away he managed to slip right into a rowdy pub in London, looking for a hell of a good time with a bunch of people who hopefully didn't recognize him. It didn't take long for Khris to get a buzz, downing shots and grabbing a beer. He then slipped over to a table with a free seat and smirked at the one occupying the other seat. "I bet you a shot that I can finish this beer before you can finish yours." he said to the random person, ready to get his party on. He had been restrained too long and needed to let off some steam.

 Posted: Jul 27 2015, 03:39 PM


hogwarts alumni

user posted image

With the Quidditch World Cup going on, Eileen's entire family was constantly at the camp grounds where everybody stayed at if they were from other places in the world. Her family stayed there mostly because her dad was in charge of Puddlemere United, her brother was on the team her dad was in charge of and the rest of her family were large fans of Quidditch since everybody played Quidditch. Her twin brothers were trying to get autographs from famous players of other teams. No doubt they were harassing them more than just trying to get autographs. Her twin brothers were always up to no good it seemed. They were in different houses at Hogwarts so it was easier to keep them separated, but the summer was always the worst since they schemed against Eileen and her other siblings all the time.

Eileen was also there with her family as she supported many of her friends and also her family. It was also nice that her boyfriend was on Puddlemere United so Eileen didn't have to change her t-shirt that she was sporting. It was an old thing that her dad gave to her when she first made it onto the Gryffindor Quidditch team and it was now very snug, but Eileen still wore it since her dad gave it to her. She did feel a bit bad about not going through with Quidditch since he knew how much he wanted to have her play Keeper on Puddlemere like he did back in the day. Eileen just loved Healing more than playing. She wanted to help people instead of being famous. She did consider being a Healer for the games, but she was still in training and she didn't want to mess anybody up during a game. Everything was so fast paced in a game that Eileen wasn't sure she'd be able to handle it with so little information to go off of.

At the end of the day when a game finished up, the night life blew up. She took her sister to the place where the Quidditch teams usually went to. She was gonna try to meet up with her brother to tell him how well he played and just talk about Quidditch in general. Eileen didn't get to see her older brother much since he graduated two years ago. Whey they did find her older brother, the three of them chatted a bit and then Eileen went to go get a drink. It was summer and she had the day off tomorrow. Eileen only got two days off and they happened to be Saturday and Sunday. She was incredibly glad that she got the weekends off since most of her friends still didn't have serious jobs and went out all the time. Eileen hardly went, but if she was feeling in the mood, she'd go.

As she was walking back, Eileen saw someone who seemed like a stranger these days to her. He was talking to some random stranger and she wasn't sure how interested they were in whatever they were saying. It was a bit dark so Eileen couldn't be sure. "Hey KHRIS." Eileen called out as she got closer to him. "OI KRUM!" she shouted a bit louder and she finally got to him. "Nice to see you here, stranger." Eileen touched his shoulder and greeted whether or not he heard her or not.

user posted image user posted image
Khris Viktor Krum
 Posted: Aug 15 2015, 01:08 PM


durmstrang alumni

user posted image

Khris Krum was out of control. He did what he wanted, when he wanted to and never felt the consequences of his actions. He was the golden boy who was basically untouchable in the Quidditch world which basically meant he was untouchable in general for everyone in the Wizarding world seemed to love Quidditch and love his family for what they had done for the game. Being the bad boy from Bulgaria didn't limit his opportunities. On the contrary, it gave him his brand. Everyone wanted a piece of him in a way. The reporters all wanted to talk to him because he had no filter and would say whatever was on his mind. The scouts all wanted to sign him because, believe it or not, he had an undeniable skill that could not be matched. And, women, wanted to be with him despite the fact that they knew better, because, well, he was Khris Krum. Living the high life, blowing off responsibilities and getting away with it was what he did best. After all, he was only 18 and he could still play up the old line 'boys will be boys.'

To be fair, Khris had just gotten out of a long term relationship and his heart was kind of in pieces. He would not admit it but Lacie had done a number on him. When she had finally had enough with him and his mistakes he had not been ready. Things had always worked out for Khris no matter how much he fucked up. He was used to getting second, third, fourth, and hundredth chances so when he had to face the consequences of his actions with Lacie it was largely for the first time in his life. He was taking it rather hard. He had reverted back to his old self. He was partying a lot, drinking, doing the occasional drug. He was a party boy and had a lot of time to make up for because had stopped a lot of that when he was with Lacie. He had tried for once in his life to be better with her. Khris wasn't known to try at anything or care about anything. All that he was good at came naturally. In true Khris fashion once things got too real he fucked it up.

So in some way or another it had led him to this point. Of course, the Quidditch World Cup had a lot to do with it and so did getting away from his father and his handlers. Whatever the true reason was he was there now and he was determined to have a good time and let loose. The Bulgarian national team wanted to win the Cup and they knew having Khris on his best game was the way to do that. What they didn't know that trying to cage a wild animal was bound to end in disaster. Khris had been going stir crazy. With all this pent up energy he was going in for a hard night---far worse than if he was left to his own devices from the beginning. As he smirked at the girl sitting next to him, he could tell that she was game for his little bet. He was about to start chugging when he heard an all too familiar voice call out to him. Turning, he saw none other than Eileen Wood, standing next to him. She had shouted his last name which kind of made him cringe. "Keep it down, Wood!" he told her, "I'm trying out this who anonymous thing tonight---call me... hmmm what is a super hot name to match these looks?" he joked as he wrapped his arm around her and gave her a quick embrace. The two had been friends for years and he had always been fond of teasing her. Not to let his bet go to waste he chugged his beer with ease and slammed it on the table, empty. "You mean fancy seeing me outside the pitch without a pose of handlers and my Viktor breathing down my neck?" he said with a laugh before getting the attention of the bartender and ordering shots, "I think I just won this bet, so drink up." he said, as the mystery shots arrived.

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