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    welcome to too young to die. we are an advanced post-potter site with a word count of 500 words. we accept both canon and original characters, so feel free to make whoever you want! please register with your character's first middle last, all in uppercase letters. if you have any questions, feel free to pop in the cbox and say hi! we don't bite - much.
    our current setting is
    august 2022
    2 july
    the activity check has ended and the ratios have been updated. current bans include: werewolves and twins. now that summer has officially begun, hogwarts boards have been moved to the archives and the boards have been hidden. some new boards have been created, so enjoy exploring these new places!
    3 may
    salem has been added to the list of available schools for people to make students from! as well, member groups of alumni of each school have been added as well, in preparation for graduation at the end of the month. the site month is now may and ratios have been updated. currently werewolves, seventh years and hogwarts alumni are banned.
    4 april
    the inactive threads have been moved, the inactive accounts deleted and the ratios updated. our ratios are evening out nicely, so our current bans are only on gryffindor students, werewolves and vampires
    2 april
    the otms are up! congratulations to the fabulous winners! also, we would like to remind everyone who has yet to save their characters that the activity check ends in three days!

    22 march
    an activity check was just posted! all posts from today (march 22) to april 5th will be accepted. make sure to post in the ac thread if you are deleting any characters!

    15 march
    it is now april on the site, and with a new season comes a new skin! as well, with the beginning of april comes out first site event in awhile: the wedding of christian norwood and chloe fontaine. only purists are welcome, but feel free to create your own threads within the board - there's a lot of drama that you aren't going to want to miss! as well, the ratios have been updated and we are currently looking for hufflepuffs, ravenclaws and males xoxo, tytd staff.

    15 february
    hello loves! the activity check is now over and the inactive accounts have been deleted. as well, any threads that haven't been replied to since jamuary 25th have been archived.

    after the activity check, the bans still remain on gryffindor and durmstrang students (for members that have two or more characters) we noticed while doing the ratios, that we really need: beaxbatons males, slytherin females and ravenclaws the sooner these character rations get higher, the sooner the band will be removed.

    if you have an idea for one of the banned characters, keep in mind that durmstrang students can have personalities that fit them in one of the hogwarts houses and gryffindor students can be in beauxbatons because there is no "personality" to a beauxbatons student.

    xoxoxo, tytd staff.

    4 february
    an activity check has been posted in the announcements board. all posts that meet the requirments from 25 january - 15 february will count.
    2 february
    the otms are up! congratulations to the winners!
    22 january
    the otm noms for this month are up! please go do your noms! try to nominate people who have been active this month! also, after updating the ratios, there is a new ban on durmstrang and gryffindor students. we really need the other houses to catch up! good luck everyone on the otms!!
    20 january
    if you haven't noticed yet, the rp month has moved to march 2022.
    9 december
    the otm's are up, congrats to the winners!!! i'd like to wish all of you college/university students good luck on your exams!!
    1 december
    the activity check is over. those who didn't save their accounts were deleted, including some registered accounts that were not used recently and never sorted. happy december!
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    FEMALES - 50
    MALES - 46
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    skin by lauz of shine & candyland couture, with modifications made by our admins margie and kit parallax slider code is by ring wang of tympanus/codrops. the mini profile was created by sid at shine. site images were created by kit the canons list & site plot were created by our admin team. site templates (rules, plot, announcements, claims lists, etc) were created by our admin margie. the world of harry potter was created by j.k. rowling. no copyright infringement intended. posted content created by tytd members. please do not steal anything created by those mentioned above or the admins will send upon you: the lannisters, jon snow, the starks (even the dead ones), the baratheons, the greyjoys, some white walkers, daenerys targaryen and (dragons included), and petyr baelish.

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 the site rules, △ read these first
 Posted: Oct 22 2013, 10:31 PM



▲ somewhere hidden in these rules is a password that you need to include in the "password" part of your application, failure to locate and post the password will result in your application being pended until you have read the rules.

registration and application

▲ when registering here at far too young to die, we ask that you do so in all uppercase letters! also, try to keep names as realistic as possible. i know celebrities may get away with naming their children apple or blue ivy, but let's do our best to refrain from this if at all possible.

▲ you have seven days to complete your application. you will be given one warning, and if it not completed within one day after that, then it will be archived. with this in mind, there are a few rules you should be aware of!

▲ canon & face claim reservations last for seven days

▲ when writing your application(s) please use proper spelling, complete sentences, grammar, etc.

▲ if your application is deemed pending, for whatever reason, please fix your application in a timely manner.

▲ title your application like so: LAST, FIRST MIDDLE & in the title description please and thank you. if your application is a work in progress, please label it as such either in the thread title or description. remove it once your app is complete

▲ if for some reason you can not complete your application within the seven days, you can pm an admin and request an extension if you have a valid reasons (the same as absences, see below).

▲ upon being accepted, the first place to go is the claims. you must fill out all claims. failure to do so will result in your character being unsafe from the activity check.

▲ as soon as claims are filled out, we require all members to create a plotter, so other members may plot with their character. members who do not have a plotter up five days after their acceptance will be pmed with a warning. failure to make a plotter will result in characters not being taken off the list for the activity check.


▲ give your characters flaws! no one is perfect and we don't accept mary/gary sues. also, let's not have a bunch of engaged prostitute drug addict murderers running around because let's be honest, how much of that did we see in the books/films? the worst we got was snogging. just be realistic! not everyone is rich, orphaned, etc..

▲ when creating a character, please make sure your existing ones are all in an active thread (and by active, we mean being replied to every few days, if it has been sitting for two weeks, it is not an active thread, and does not count. minis do not count for this.)

▲ for every two girls, you must make one boy.

▲ for right now, we are only accepting fifth years+ aged characters. this isn't meant to limit your character creation, it is only due to the fact that younger students are one, hardly ever created as it is and two, not plotted with/hard to plot with. this is why younger students are unavailable on the canons list - however, when time progresses and there is a student year change, those characters are available. also, as a side note, if you ever wanted to rp someone with their younger sibling, you can always ask another member to npc that character!

▲ try and have variety throughout your characters to keep the site interesting (for example, don't play all boys, or have 4 gryffindors, etc.).

▲ the site bans are only relevant to those on the site with 2+ existing characters. new members should be allowed to join with the characters they really want to make and shouldn't have to compromise simply because they did not find the site as early as some of the existing members.

▲ please do not create a banned character with the tagline "WIP UNTIL BAN IS LIFTED." bans may not be lifted for several weeks, and we do not want these applications clogging the board


▲ playbys are a requirement, obviously. please make sure your playby is realistic compared to the age of your character. we shouldn't have 30+ aged pb's playing fifth years.

▲ everyone must at least have an avatar and a gif of their character. avatars must be 250x350 in size to work with the mini profile coding.

▲ signatures are allowed, however do not exceed 500x400

▲ when posting any sort of graphic in any thread, do not stretch the page with it.


▲ the minimum word count for posts is 500 words, however our members tend to average around 700-900 words. if you feel this is too high, this probably isn't the site for you.

▲ here at far too young to die, we strongly believe in matching your rp partner's posts. it's inconsiderate to reply to a 800+ word post with something that just hits the minimum word count. all posts under 1000 words should be matched within 150 words and those over 1000 should not be under more than a couple hundred words. if we see you constantly underposting your rp partner, we will send you a warning.

▲ if we find that you are often under posting your rp partner, you will be issued a warning. this rule does not count for miniature threads.

▲ please post in the past-tense and third person. use proper grammar and spelling.

▲ please use a template for you posts. it doesn't have to be anything fancy (if you don't want to), just something to keep things looking nice and neat.


▲ we will being conducting an activity check at the end of each month.

▲ failure to post in the activity check will result in the deletion of your characters. as well

▲ our site standards for activity are as follows:
▲ if you have 5 or less characters, you must post with each character once a week for them to be deemed active.
▲ if you have 5-10 characters, you must post with each character once every 10 days for them to be deemed active.
▲ if you have 11+ characters, you must post with each character once every two weeks to be deemed active.

▲ your characters will be eligible for deletion if they go double that time without being posted with.

▲ if you know you are going to be offline for any extended period of time, please let us know by posted and absence thread, however, these have some limitations. please use your absences with discretion.

▲ if your absence thread does not have a set return date, it will be valid for two weeks. this time frame will reset as/if you update your absence thread. absence threads will save you from being deleted during the activity check, however abuse of this rule will result in your characters being deleted.

▲ you cannot be exempted from two consecutive activity checks unless an emergency occurs.

▲ unacceptable absences examples:

    ▲ muselessness (over a long period)
    ▲ homework for over two weeks
    ▲ excessive work for over two weeks
    ▲ several consecutive absence threads without legitimate cause for absence
    ▲ minor illness for over a week
▲ examples of acceptable absence threads
    ▲ exam weeks
    ▲ family vacations
    ▲ surgery
    ▲ family/friend deaths
    ▲ bad weather (that actually knocks out your power or something)
    ▲ loss of internet for a short period of time

▲ we understand that everyone gets busy and has lives outside of the site. the activity rules are in place to ensure activity and not meant to be mean. obviously, things happen but, let us know if they do so, you are not deleted during a clean out!

▲ members with larger canons should be active (ex: potters, weasleys etc) any big canon that does not post (meaning a post of 500 words) in two weeks will be put up for grabs. the member playing this character will be pm'ed and told they must give them up. the password you are looking for is: lumos.


▲ treat staff & members respectfully, treat them how you would want to be treated. if staff sees any misconduct (or if it is brought to our attention) the offender will be contacted via pm and the situation & consequences will be discussed between staff & the offender.

▲ if you run across any problems with another member/staff, please contact a staff member! do not try to fix the situation on your own to avoid further problems. staff are here to mediate such problems should the arise.

do not take your issues with members/staff outside of pm's (i.e. to other sites) that's rude.

▲ do not advertise in the cbox or anywhere else except for the the advertising boards.

the icc

▲ the icc is meant to have small conversations between your characters and to rp out small plots

▲ please keep in mind that if something major is happening in your icc, thread it out.

▲ everything that happens in the icc happens to your character!

▲ all site rules apply to the icc, treat each other respectfully and do not have ooc conversations in it

due to our previous rules causing problems for application completion, characters must now be accepted before they may enter the icc.

▲ if you have a completed application & are waiting for accepts because you have posts to do, you may icc that character as long as you are working on posts.

tytd staff reserve the right to modify/add/remove the rules, plot, etc. at any time.

 Posted: Apr 17 2015, 10:32 PM



▲ the activity portion of the rules have received a minor update as of april 17, 2015
▲ new character now have seven days after acceptance to begin or join an active thread before they will be deleted.
 Posted: May 10 2015, 08:50 PM



▲ the word count section of the rules has been minorly updated.
 Posted: Jun 1 2015, 12:27 AM



▲ the activity section of the rules has received a major update.
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